Hugh Jackman: If Wolverine Was In MCU, I Would Have Stayed

OK. We know Logan will be the final ever time we get to see Australian Hugh Jackman play his beloved James Howlett/Logan/Wolverine. But the fan theories keep being put to the 48-year old are something he's grown to love. With Avengers: Infinity War bringing in the Guardians of the Galaxy crew to the fold, a collection of superheroes few had heard of in 2014 let alone understood, all it would require is 20th Century Fox and Disney to come to the table and negotiate a deal.

The two studios have kept themselves at arm's length as they profit from the Marvel creations. But Jackman has come out in support of the concept to argue that an X-Men/Avengers crossover would be incredible to watch. And who the hell wouldn't agree with that?

Battle With Bruce Banner? That Would Be Fun: Jackman

Wolverine v Hulk

Given the opportunity for a Marvel diehard fan to pose questions to Jackman during the New York premiere of Logan, the topic of an X-Men and Avengers installment came up. The Sydney-sider explained that, if that scenario took place, events around his retirement would turn out very different.

"If that was on the table when I made my decision (to leave), it certainly would have made me pause," replied the action hero. "That’s for sure. Because I always love the idea of him within that dynamic, with the Hulk obviously, with Iron Man but there’s a lot of smarter people with MBAs who can’t figure that out (laughs). You never know."

Hugh: Part Comic Book Adaptation, Part Western Classic

Old Man Logan Wolverine

Revealing that the movie is taken in large part from the 2008 comic book series Old Man Logan, an 8-part narrative that set the course for the feature, the Aussie explained that the storyline has a lot in common with a classic Clint Eastwood Western.

"I don’t know. This was the one that I really thought…When I spoke with the guys who created Old Man Logan – a lot of people think, 'Oh this is Old Man Logan. And I’m like, 'Well….' The inspiration for that was Unforgiven. That’s what we have in common. But there’s no Hulk babies in this one (laughs)."

If the other pieces were put in place in the MCU, where Jackman had creative control over the character, he admits that his decision to walk away would not have been public and might not have even been made at all.

"At the moment, honestly, if I really did have them there, I probably wouldn’t have said this is the last. It just feels like this is the right time (to leave the character)."

Source: Screen Rant