Hugh Jackman Scares Fans with Old Man Instagram Post

Typically celebrities get in trouble when they post something political to their social networks. Or "accidentally" send a photo that might have only been for friends. In the case of Hugh Jackman, all he had to do was post a photo. Hugh Jackman, turning 48 this October, has a reputation for looking insane for any age. One must only think of how good he looks in Days of Future Past. But a photo published to his Instagram on August 10th is terrifying some.

Hugh Jackman Old Man Instagram Post

Hugh Jackman After Skin Cancer?

Though Jackman explains, "Now that’s what I’m talking about," when describing the day's catch, what is more alerting is his look. He looks old! Besides fears of premature aging since the Eddie the Eagle premiere, skin cancer has been brought up. The actor has had multiple bouts of skin cancer the past couple years, and people can't help but wonder if he started an er, advanced therapy. While that could be a legitimate fear, the answer is far more simpler. At least, we hope.

Hugh Jackman as Old Man Logan

Though pretending to be showing off the day's catch, it looks more like Hugh is bringing attention to the currently-untitled Wolverine installment. During SDCC, Mark Millar hinted that the sequel will take place during Logan's later years, after the extinction of the X-Men. In short, it looks like Hugh Jackman is prepped and ready to play "Old Man Logan". So put those conspiracies aside, as Jackman is going method. At least, so we hope.