Hugh Jackman Leaves Door Ajar To Deadpool/Wolverine Crossover

Until Hugh Jackman categorically puts a red pen through the idea, then the speculation is bound to continue for a Deadpool vs. Wolverine title. The X-Men veteran opened up to the New York Times ahead of the March 3 release of Logan. Refusing to say one way or the other whether a project with his friend Ryan Reynolds could occur.

Some have gone as far to believe that the Australian might walk away from acting altogether, with the 48-year old feared to be suffering from burnout and fatigue. Earning a start in film in 1999 courtesy of the local production Erskineville Kings, Jackman explains that there is mileage in the old legs yet.

In Again, Out Again As Hugh Dithers On Plans

Wolverine Logan

So is this going to be the final time we see Jackman playing Wolverine in any way, shape or form? Leading into the shoot of Logan and what has transpired, his instincts tell him it is likely but cannot be certain that a crossover with Ryan Reynolds will not transpire in the future.

"When I had the script, I was like, 'Yes,'" started Jackman, "and when I was shooting the movie, yes. As I sit here today, yes. God knows how I'll feel in three years. But right now, absolutely."

Is there a threat he will throw the towel in and either take a sabbatical or retire from acting?

"Let's be clear, I'm not retiring," reaffirmed the Real Steel star. "There's been a gnawing turmoil that I hadn't really nailed it, fully, either story or performance or whatever. Every film I've ever done, I've had that gnawing doubt. But I have it way less in this one."

Whatever Marvel Does, Don't Give Gig To DDL

Logan Wolverine 3

What there is little doubt of in Jackman's mind is the future of Wolverine on the big screen, arguing that Marvel are well within their rights to recast the superhero.

"The character will go on," he said. "Someone else will play it, for sure. (I'm fine with it), unless Daniel Day-Lewis plays him and wins the Oscar, then I might have a little problem."

Director James Mangold also spoke on the eve of Logan, mentioning that the change in tone towards the R rating was a necessity for all concerned.

“There’s cities exploding and super evil villains flying in from the planet Yahoo,” Mangold remarked. “There’s enough circus and spectacle. When you start to strip a lot of that out, you go: ‘Is this enough? Can we function on this?’”

Source: MovieWeb, NY Times