Harley Quinn Spinoff To Coincide With Birds of Prey As Movie Scores Screenwriter

Collider reports that DC is kicking on with their plans to create the Harley Quinn spinoff production. Securing a screenwriter while they look to link in a forgotten element of their superhero universe. Bringing in a fresh face via Christina Hodson to put the words on the page, her experience is only limited to the 2016 picture Unforgettable and the upcoming flick Shut In. Further illustrating that the studio was not desperate for an established name.

With Margot Robbie's femme fatale being DC's 4th most popular character, and Warner Brothers having a close relationship to the Australian, it is just a matter of time before we get to see her origin story in full. But she won't be alone, as Hodson is linking up with the Birds of Prey.

From TV Cancelation to Big Screen Blockbuster

The successful Smallville series with Superman made waves on the small screen at the turn of the Century. But let's not also forget Birds of Prey was given a short run of 13 episodes. At least until it was eventually canceled due to poor ratings in 2002. Starring Ashley Scott, Dina Meyer and Rachel Skarsten, the comic book adaptation looked at a group of superheroes fighting in Gotham City post Batman.

While the CW series Arrow is featuring the Birds of Prey in a limited capacity, this all-female group does not have the most successful history. Especially since their inception in 1996 via the comics has given the group plenty of time for a proper introductionp. Harley Quinn though will have them feature heavily for a first DC all-female film. Besides that little gem, no further details are yet known.

Who Are The Birds of Prey?


Originating from the Black Canary and Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl, this collection of bad ass chicks features such names as Catwoman, Lady Blackhawk, Hawkgirl and Misfit. Quite a few big names, right? Well, let's also include Poison Ivy, Gypsy, Manhunter, Big Barda, Katana and more. There have been some men to come into their fold, such as Hawk, but more or less this is a case of ladies doing it for themselves.

This will be new ground for a superhero movie. But it does follow in the modern trend of pictures like Ocean's Eight and the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot to go all-female. So often it has been Marvel getting a lead on their rival for including a cutting-edge feature, this time DC has stolen a march.