Harley Quinn Returns as Robbie Plants Seed at Warner Bros

While fans were disappointed with what came out of Suicide Squad, they will at least admit that Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn is an awesome thing. Besides being hot, rocking the body, and diving deep into the psyche of the character, umm, wait, I was going somewhere with this... Damn her hotness! Getting back to the point, it's easy to assume that Harley Quinn will be the number one costume for females this Halloween thanks to her. Seeing a valuable asset, Warner Bros Pictures has signed a first-look deal with the actress.

Margot Robbie Sets Up at Warner Bros

Harley Quinn Wallpaper

THR reports that Margot Robbie has become close to Warner Bros with two films already in the pipeline. As mentioned, one will be dedicated to a Suicide Squad spinoff focusing on her character Harley Quinn. But the character won't be alone, expect some other DC faces, and it might not actually be a spinoff. While Warner Bros sees revenue when selecting Robbie to lead their renewed focus on female-driven storylines, their critical history is not as strong. The actress starred in Focus opposite Will Smith. The film did fine in regards to ticket sales, but was slammed by critics. Then she went on to play Jane in Warner Bros' The Legend of Tarzan. That film was able to easily earn its budget back, but once again critics hate it.

And Suicide Squad was no different. Disliked by critics, the film has seen a worldwide box office of over $700 million. And that number is still (slowly) climbing. So her critical record with Warner Bros isn't the best, but let's not forget her other roles. She was fantastic in About Time, which did fine with critics, and did a wonderful job supporting Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street. With a dash of nudity, the film is credited for being her breakout moment.

Margot Robbie Has Five Features Upcoming

Harley Quinn Quad

Margot Robbie has recently wrapped Terminal, a film she is also producing. She is also set to play Daphne Milne in an untitled "A.A. Milne Project", while also providing her voice for Larrikins. That's three features right there. Tack on a Harley Quinn movie and Tonya, a biopic that covers the events around figure skater Tonya Harding. As you might have guessed, besides producing, Margot Robbie is also set to play the title character.

When it rains it pours it seems.