Halle Berry: Logan and Storm Were Secret X-Men Lovers

Everyone understood the great and ultimately tragic love story between James Howlett and Jean Grey, with the subplot running through all of Bryan Singer's X-Men installments at the turn of the Century. According to Halle Berry though, her superhero Storm shared a similar romantic interest in Wolverine, as the actress spoke with Jess Cagle from People Magazine/Entertainment Weekly.

With the 50-year old out promoting the thriller Kidnap, Berry longed for the Marvel fandom to heap more love on the character that was usually resigned to a supporting act. If this detail to her backstory had been revealed, perhaps much in the X-Men world would be different.

Only Logan Loved Storm, Privately Speaking: Berry

Storm and Wolverine

Seeing the 2017 blockbuster Logan close the chapter for good on Singer's universe, Berry was quizzed about a Storm detail that only she knew, but fans of the series were unaware of. Unless you were a diehard comic fan, this would have come as something of a surprise.

“Storm and Logan used to be lovers,” she remarked. “It’s true. Storm and Logan had a thing. I joke in the movies, I'm like, 'How come nobody's loving on Storm?' Like what's wrong with Storm? Nobody is checking for Storm. So, we decided that Storm and Logan had a thing, and then Jean came and messed that up. When he really decided that Jean Grey was his (love) - that caused a problem - the having two girls at once thing, that didn't work for - that doesn't work for Storm."

One deleted scene would point to this affair.

"In the last scene we were in (X-Men: Days of Future Past) we had a kiss and it never made the movie, but what I'm telling you is true. This is the backstory that we came up with."

Put to her that Black Panther and Storm shared a relationship in the comics, the actress knew that was the case.

"Yeah people know that though," she replied. "They didn't know about Logan."

Av4 Starts Shooting as Russo Sends Ambiguous Post

Beginning the end.

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If Marvel's Fox property is amid a changing of the guard, then their Disney franchise is building to something special. This week, the untitled Avengers 4 movie began production as filmmaker Joe Russo posted an image of a purple glove with the caption: "Beginning of the end."

Kevin Feige told The Toronto Sun that a follow up to Spider-Man: Homecoming beyond 2019 will act as the start of a new phase.

"The original 22-movie arc ends with the untitled Avengers in May of 2019, and then two months later it will be Peter Parker and Spider-Man that usher us into the aftermath and how things proceed from there."

Source: Entertainment Weekly, MovieWeb