Gambit Plot Details Revealed, Movie Set to Include Mr. Sinister

Gambit is that archetypal Hollywood blockbuster that appears destined to stay in limbo. The Marvel title has suffered from directors quitting to studio scheduling conflicts and a raft of other problems, but a new story emerging from Slash Report intimates that the gears are finally being put into motion.

According to their sources, they have obtained plot details that illustrates the overall story and the central villain of the piece. That is said to be none other than Mr. Sinister.

Flashbacks, New Orleans and a Jilted Love Story

Channing Tatum Gambit Conceptual Art

From what we can glean from this mooted X-Men title, it will take inspiration from a heist feature like Ocean's Eleven and a tragic love story reminiscent of Romeo & Juliet. There is a need to find out the origins of his powers but also illustrate why he acts like a rogue out in the wilderness of the US South.

"Remy Lebeau (Channing Tatum) is on trial in New-Orleans," they begin. "He's considered a huge security risk. We flashback to almost 25 years before. Master thief Luke Lebeau runs into eight-year-old Gambit while doing a heist. Impressed by his skills, he offers to take the mutant orphan under his wings. Raised alongside other strays he calls 'cousins', the teenage Gambit becomes the superstar of the Thief Guild. He encounters Bella Donna Boudreaux while on the run from the police. Sparks immediately fly since Bella is also a fellow mutant. Their love is directly prohibited by both families since the Boudreaux are sworn enemies of the Lebeau clan. Deciding to unite the two sides, Remy offers to have the two clans team up on a HUGE heist to profit both families. Of course, the whole plan goes awry, and in the chaos, Maryanne Boudreaux shoots and kill Luke Lebeau."

Hoodwinked by Sinister in Secret Paris Mission

X-Men Mister Sinister

With the tragedy of Luke Lebeau's passing proving to be a motivating factor for Gambit, he transitions into a mercenary willing to sell to the highest bidder. This is where he encounters one of Marvel's greatest villains.

"We jump to 10 years later," they continue. "Gambit is hired to do a job in Paris to steal something from the Louvre Museum. It was apparently a test job to see if he still has it. His mysterious employer is revealed to be Nathaniel Essex a.k.a. Mr. Sinister. He offers Gambit $40m to recover a mysterious trunk that was stolen by the Boudreaux clan. It will be auctioned off during the yearly Thieves Ball where all the criminal organizations in the world meet up. It uses New Orleans' Mardi Gras celebrations as a cover. Gambit decides to enlist a crew of mutants to pull off this seemingly impossible heist..."

Source: Slash Report