Frank Miller’s Hard Boiled Scores Tom Hiddleston

As Warner Brothers haggle over the price to gain the rights for the picture, the studio has already cast Loki himself (aka Tom Hiddleston) to play a leading role in the adaptation of Frank Miller's Hard Boiled. Director Ben Wheatley is also coming on board the project, which was originally co-written by Geof Darrow with Miller.

The early-90s comic-book series will place the Thor: Ragnarok and Kong: Skull Island English star in the role of tax collector Nixon. A seemingly deranged man surviving in a near-future dystopian Los Angeles. This ambitious feature will reunite Hiddleston and Wheatley after their recent work together on High-Rise.

Miller Creation A Dark, Chaotic World On Brink Of Collapse

Hard Boiled

If the movie is anything close to the comics, this won't exactly be a laugh-a-minute romp that leaves a happy feeling. Revolving around suburban insurance investigator Carl Seltz, robot killing machine Unit Four is seen as the last hope from a society of enslaved mechanical servants.

Back in 2001 this story was going to become a reality on the big screen with Fight Club and Seven director David Fincher. The project got far enough to land Nicolas Cage in the lead role. That would have made for interesting viewing, but now it will be Hiddleston and Wheatley's responsibility to not make them regret their decision to walk away when they did.

Previous Flick High-Rise Failed To Scale The Heights


As mentioned, the Hiddleston-Wheatley team linked up for 2015's fantasy science fiction romp High-Rise. Returning some luke warm responses from fans and critics, the mixed bag of a movie indicates that the pair have some tough work ahead of them. At least if they are to do Miller's creation any justice.

Bombing at the box office with a $3.9m return from a modest $8m budget, the production that co-starred Sienna Miller, Jeremy Irons and Luke Evans carried an interesting synopsis. Portraying a wealthy 70s London tower block owner slowly falling apart at the seams as pressure builds around him. Based off the J.G. Ballard book, fingers crossed the duo make a better fist of it with the Batman creator's work.

Source: The Guardian, /Film