Frank Miller Wants Batman To Explore Gotham City

Plenty of people have weighed in on the direction Ben Affleck will take with his stand alone The Batman. With the latest being the creator of the The Dark Knight Returns comic series Frank Miller. According to Variety,  the writer and director sat down after meeting fans in Europe at Lucca Comics & Games to give his views on the latest DC installments. While offering a thought about where the franchise could go next.

Miller is a curious beast, having his fingers in both of the superhero pies with Marvel and DC. His work is well known with Daredevil, 300, Wolverine, Sin City and atman. Providing his unique blend of neo noir storytelling that is proving popular with modern cinematic interpretations.

Less Toys, More Gotham City For Miller

Gotham City Batman DC

With his 1986 book about Bruce Wayne and the caped crusader breaking ground, Miller believes this incarnation would be let down if they did not focus on Gotham City - Batman's hometown and playground.

"My dream would be to make it much smaller," Miller replied. "To lose the toys and to focus more on the mission, and to use the city a great deal more. Because he’s got a loving relationship with the city he’s protecting. And unlike Superman his connection to crime is intimate; it has been ever since his parents were murdered. And he defeats criminals with his hands. So it would be a different take. But it will never be in my hands, because it would not be a good place to make toys from. There wouldn’t be a line of toys."

Another Superman Prequel In The Works?

Batman v Superman Henry Cavill

We've been told his origin story a million times over, but Miller has been exploring the idea of examining his Jewish heritage if you can believe it. Is he seriously looking at that project?

"Yes. It’s something I want to do," Miller said emphatically. "I’ve only discussed this briefly with DC; it’s not a work in progress. But there is no denying what the actual origins of Superman are. They’ve been clouded over through the years. Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster must have been aware that they created him during a time of rampant anti-Semitism. All this was timed in the shadow of a war being waged by the worst anti-Semite the world has ever seen. So I would just like to bring it back home."