Forget Deadpool 2 Chaos, Deadpool 3 Already In The Works With X-Force To Feature!

It looks like Ryan Reynold's foul-mouthed hero Deadpool is not only guaranteed to make his hotly anticipated sequel but a third installment as well. Set to feature the X-Force crew led by none other than Cable, who will debut in the next movie. It appears the talks of demise for the R-rated Marvel superhero have been greatly exaggerated.


With Fox leaving their beloved X-Men series in limbo thanks to stalled contract talks at the conclusion of Apocalypse and next year's Logan closing a chapter, the studio was rumored to be leaving Reynolds to his own devises. All to give time for the studio to fight off other issues affecting their schedule. This is welcomed news for all concerned. Especially those that flooded to the box office in record numbers for an R-rated flick.

First Order Of Business: Find A Director

Tim Miller Directing Deadpool

Telling Marvel, Fox and Reynolds something that is already abundantly clear - they need a director and pronto. Should a sequel get started with production and a script, these three parties will need to come together with a fourth to establish the direction of the franchise. Particularly with a third movie already penciled in.

Director Tim Miller's decision to walk from Deadpool 2 was compounded further when composer Junkie XL did likewise. Rarely has someone involved with a soundtrack abandoned ship so early and so publicly like this. We can only hope it does not illustrate any serious underlying issues going on behind the scenes. And, if it does, we can only hope they get their act together. Pronto.

Who Are The X-Force?

X-Force for Deadpool

As the name would suggest, this group of comic book characters bare a striking resemblance to those beloved X-Men. While also having a rich, if mixed, history with Marvel. Typecast as the 'New Mutants' in the 80s, this collection of heroes are more of an R-rated version of Wolverine, Storm and co to kill their victims without much of a care for societal standards or the PC police.

The militia sound like they would be right up Deadpool's ally. And they will be front and center when picture number three is out in cinemas. Casting for these spots will be fought over and incredibly lucrative. Expect us to keep you posted for any updates as they roll in.