First Look of Amber Heard as Justice League’s Mera!

Amber Heard cleans up well. After all the drama coming out of her divorce with Johnny Depp, with rumors circulating claiming she is a b-i-a-t-c-h, the actress looks absolutely fantastic as Mera in Justice League. Though it's now been some time since the film's first trailer, Zack Snyder is keeping fans on the hook with some concept art and an actual production photo. All of which can be viewed below.

Amber Heard's Mera Introduced in Justice League

The DC character Mera was created by Jack Miller and Nick Cardy, who introduced the character in the comicbook Aquaman #11. Wait, she was introduced in Aquaman and not Justice League? Mera is the wife of Aquaman and considered both the Queen of the Sea and the Queen of Atlantis. She also has a twin sister name Hila. Though Hila hasn't been shown much love by DC, she is considered a troublemaker. Because of her reputation, Hila is framed for a crime and sentenced to exile. The character is at best a cameo, where she quickly pops into DC storylines. Let's not count on her making an on-screen appearance.

Sketch Art of Mera in Justice League

Early sketch of Mera in Justice League

But Amber Heard's Mera definitely will be introduced in Justice League in order to prep the character's bigger role in Aquaman. The introduction of the character should be interesting. Warner Bros hasn't confirmed, but either we will discover that Mera is already hitched to Aquaman, or we'll see her arrive to Earth to meet Aquaman for the first time.

If it turns out that she is just arriving, we could then be introduced to Dimension Aqua.

Justice League Mera Concept Art

Final Justice League concept art for Mera by Michael Wilkinson

Mera and Aquaman Married by Justice League

This, however, would break from the character's timeline setup by DC. In the comics, Mera and Aquaman are already married by the time Aquaman is approached to join Justice League. Besides, giving Mera some sort of origin story may be too much for a single DC film to take on. Even though that hasn't stopped Warner Bros from trying before.

In the end, Mera turns out being a bit of a nightmare wife for Aquaman. Which is odd, considering some say the same about Amber.

Amber Heard in Justice League

Amber Heard as Mera in Justice League, where she stands on a shore in Atlantis.