Eddie Murphy Is Back For Coming to America 2

He might have disappeared from the lime light in the past 10-15 years. But Eddie Murphy is reviving an old classic courtesy of 1988's Coming to America. A desperate attempt to stay relevant? A lifelong project that has finally come to fruition? You be the judge.

The John Landis picture starred Murphy in the title role of Prince Akeem Joffer, a member of the royal family in his native Zamunda before arriving as an immigrant to New York City. Former late night talk show host Arsenio Hall played his loyal friend and confidant Semmi. As the remainder of the cast featured the likes of James Earl Jones, John Amos, Paul Bates, Madge Sinclair and Shari Headley.

Samuel L. Jackson and Cuba Gooding Jr. would have small cameos in the flick, long before they would be household names. According to TMZ, Murphy is said to be writing the screenplay but the news would leak with a fair degree of poor execution. Hopefully this is not a bad omen.

Eddie's Twitter Hacked? Post Quickly Deleted as Source Spills

Coming to America

The mystery that surrounds the news follows Murphy's Twitter account. Something that is believed to be run by his representatives. Posting up an image of the character Imani Izzi with the words, "Coming to America sequel?" the post was quickly taken down without an explanation.

Actress Vanessa Bell Calloway played the role of Izzi in just her second movie ever. And the 59-year old told TMZ that she would be keen to come back.

"I'm wondering if Eddie was hacked, though, wasn't there some big thing about Twitter being hacked?" she asked. "Because you know, Eddie's a very private person as we know, he's a very kind man, but he's very private and I really think that maybe it could've gotten hacked and that's why it's down because it's not true, unfortunately. I mean, that's something I thought. I don't know for a fact, I haven't talked to Eddie in years but I hope it is true. I hope I'm wrong. It would be a perfect sequel."

Is EM Still Relevant After Comedy Hiatus?

Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop

Much like Jim Carrey or even Adam Sandler, the best comedic talents from the 1980s and 1990s have struggled to reinvent themselves or stay in mainstream circles. During these decades, there was barely a more recognizable name in the industry, as Murphy transitioned from Saturday Night Live writing to star in the Beverly Hills Cop franchise, Trading Places, The Nutty Professor 48 hrs., Bowfinger and a string of other classics.

Since the 2007 flop Norbit, the veteran has struggled to gain traction with titles including A Thousand Words, Tower Heist, Imagine That and the 2016 drama Mr. Church, to which Murphy actually received some critical acclaim for the small budget installment. The reception to the tweet arrived with a mixture of derision and excitement, so he should be weary of bringing back a film some 29 years old.

Source: TMZ