Dwayne Johnson Posts First Jumanji Jungle Reboot Look

Less than half a day after sending out an image to his Instagram followers featuring his new Jumanji cast, Hollywood Reporter explains that The Rock has seen 889,000 likes and over 6,000 comments. All discussing the fresh look of the franchise. Dwayne Johnson joins comedian funny man and co-star from Central Intelligence Kevin Hart, veteran comedic actor Jack Black and actress Karen Gillan.

Already set in the jungle where Robin Williams' character spent decades in the original, this will be the first time the audience will get an insight into that side of the game. In the original, audiences were left guessing when he was sucked into the board. Johnson plays Dr. Smolder Bravestone, Hart takes on Moose Finbar, Gillan will portray Ruby Roundhouse while Black is intended to be the smart guy of the group in the form of Professor Shelly Oberon.

Johnson Attempts To Prevent Sexism Allegations Immediately

If only to prove how media savvy and switched on Dwayne Johnson is when it comes to image, he used the Instagram post to cut down critique of Karen Gillan's very sexy but scantily clad costume right away.

Playing Ruby Roundhouse, The Rock explained, "Her jungle wardrobe will make sense when you know the plot. Trust me."

Time will tell to see if that appeases the doubters. Especially since many will question why the former WWE star is not subjected to similar treatment. As the Emmy Awards proved this week, Hollywood is slow to keep up with trends in society. This photo might be another example of the industry lagging behind.

First Indications Are Of A Lighter, Funnier Version Than The 1995 Take

JUMANJI, Bradley Pierce, Kirsten Dunst, Robin Williams, 1995

Any production that contains Kevin Hart and Jack Black on the same set will be difficult for an actor to contain their composure. And the signs are that the sequel/reboot will be out to get the laughs.

Johnson continued on the post to say, "Extremely hard trying to keep a straight face in these scenes. Too funny. We're makin' a good one. More to come.."

While the 1995 picture was labeled a comedy, it did contain some very dark and dramatic scenes. That included the discussion of death, the breakdown of family, and bloodthirsty villains that kept the audience on their toes. Should this post be any sign, this will be a rare occasion for a reboot to go to the lighter side for a change.