Duncan Jones’ Mute Adds Justin Theroux

Fresh from a role in the thriller The Girl on the Train, which is surpassing expectations at the box office right now, Justin Theroux has put his name next to some heavy hitters for a Netflix picture that promises much. Variety reports that Mute will star Ant-Man's Paul Rudd and The Legend of Tarzan's Alexander Skarsgard. Now that the duo has become a trio of acting talent, pre-production is getting underway.

The Duncan Jones directed feature is said to have Skarsgard portraying a mute bartender in Berlin set 40 years into the future where immigration has run out of control. The film is based on a script by Mike Johnson and Jones himself. While it will be produced by Stuart Fenegan under the Liberty Films banner.

Theroux Enjoys Off Screen Roles As Much As On Screen

Justin Theroux Cast for Mute

Justin Theroux is one busy lad, as he stays busy while he is still on the big screen in The Girl on the Train. As well as starring in HBO’s series The Leftovers, he also so happened to co-write two Ben Stiller comedy projects in the form of Zoolander 2 and Tropic Thunder.

Proving that he has a sense of humor with the pen was one thing, but he then went on to help script the Robert Downey Jr. superhero blockbuster Iron Man 2 for Paramount Pictures and Marvel Studios. Across film, television and the pen - Theroux is a triple threat in Hollywood these days.

Paul Rudd Balancing Comedy With Serious Roles

Pual Rudd in Ant-Man

If it's surprising how Theroux can go from heartthrob actor to comedic writer, then it is just as impressive to see Paul Rudd curb his natural instincts to get serious for these heavy roles. The 47-year old is best known for his great work in pictures like This Is 40, I Love You, Man, Knocked Up, Role Models and the Anchorman films. But with age and experience seemingly comes a desire to push the boundaries.

Starring in the 2016 drama The Fundamentals of Caring and making a tongue-in-cheek character such as Ant-Man a multi-dimensional figure in the Marvel universe, Rudd now brings much more to the table than he would have done some 10 years previous. This will be a major asset to the cast and crew at Netflix as Mute begins to take shape later this year.