Doctor Strange End Credit Scenes Intimate Thor Ragnarok Plot Details

The post-credit ending to Doctor Strange gave fans of the Marvel MCU movies a firsthand view of what will come when Thor: Ragnarok finally hits cinemas next year.

Before the ushers could walk down the aisles to hoover up the popcorn, pick up the ripped ticket stubs and get ready for the next feature in the theater, the studio gave us not just one but two scenes that followed the feature.

Beating all before them over the weekend at the box office, the blockbuster did not disappoint with critics or moviegoers in general. But the teaser at the end follows in the tradition and intimates future crossover plot details for a sequel with Chris Hemsworth's character.

Doctor Strange Thor Marvel

Thor Asking For Strange's Help

For the first time the end sequence was delivered in two parts. The first of which being a meeting of the minds with Doctor Strange and Thor. Leading into the latter's sequel for November 3, 2017, the former surgeon used his powers to refill the God of Thunder's beer mug. All while they discussed what to do with Loki and the possible location with Odin.

Doctor Strange End Credits

The final scene of Thor: The Dark World left a gloomy picture, as the ambiguously bad Loki stole the throne from Odin to leave Asgard under his thumb. This should leave us in little doubt, if any at all, that Benedict Cumberbatch will join Hemsworth for his own third installment. The powerful, magic-wielding pair should make quite the duo!

Mordo Might Be Villain For Doctor Strange 2

Mordo Doctor Strange

Speaking of ambiguously bad, the character Mordo transitioned from a friendly ally to an estranged individual in the space of Doctor Strange. The character's er, transition represented the second of the ending sequences. The scene intimates that he will be a foe to be reckoned with. Much like the comics illustrated, he departed the scene disenfranchised with the superhero before we saw him confront Jonathan Pangborn.

The man who guided Strange to visit The Ancient One in Nepal, Mordo took away Pangborn's ability to heal himself and left him paralyzed once more. Doctor Strange 2 is a long way down the track but that is classic bad guy behavior.