Deadpool and Spider-Man Team Up In Captain America: Civil War

Wait, Deadpool wasn't really in Captain America: Civil War was he? Well, you would be correct on that count but don't let that stop Zach Ace from making it a reality on YouTube.

With a few clever editing skills he managed to create a scenario whereby the potty-mouthed hero elbowed in on the action next to Peter Parker while introducing themselves to each other.

Yahoo reports that the pair are at somewhat of an awkward impasse with Ryan Reynolds aligned with Fox Studios alongside the X-Men franchise while Tom Holland and co are in the Walt Disney camp of the Marvel fence. The 45 seconds might not last long enough to satisfy everyone but it does give a small glimmering window of what a crossover might look like if the production companies came to a deal.

YouTube Brings To Life What Studios Cannot

Deadpool and Spider-Man Team Up

As Captain America slugs Spider-Man with his shield before fleeing away atop the roof, the webbed hero meets up with Deadpool as he scribbles away furiously. "Oh hello," says Deadpool. "What are you doing here?" replied Parker. The pair exchanged pleasantries before Steve Rogers resumed the beat down he was handing out.

With tongue firmly planted in cheek, Ace was self aware enough to play part of a scene when Parker met Tony Stark during Civil War to reference the very thing he was pulling off. "That's all on YouTube though right? I mean thats where you found that - you know that its all fake, its done on the computer?"

Reynolds Leaves Door Ajar For Dream To Become Reality


EW reports that Reynolds opened up about the possibility of a Deadpool-Spider-Man on screen meet up/crossover at some point of the Marvel universe during a Q&A on Twitter earlier this year.

"I could definitely imagine doing something with Spider-Man at some point," said the 39-year old.

Producer Simon Kinberg only added fuel to the fire when he said that, "I would love to see it," should it come to pass. The similarities are obvious with the suits although it is fair to argue Parker is the PG version of Deadpool and the tone of any feature would be quite interesting.