Deadpool Sequel Remains On The Search For Cable Actor

All seemed to be running well and on schedule with Deadpool 2, then director Tim Miller pulled the plug and everyone was left to guess what the next move from the studio would be. Having told the press on the red carpet at the Golden Globe awards Sunday evening that, "We’re not gonna start ‘til we’re ready." In regards to production of the sequel, Ryan Reynolds and new team member David Leitch are on the lookout for someone to play Cable.

With mutant mercenary Domino expected to take part as the franchise builds on the comic books series, it is the time traveler in Cable that has most fans are eager to see. Especially when it comes to how he is introduced into the setup. Kyle Chandler from The Wolf of Wall Street and Zero Dark Thirty has been mentioned in passing whilst Keira Knightley has been discussed.

Who Is Cable?

Cable and Deadpool

A telepathic time traveler who kicks some serious ass for good measure, the son of Cyclops (Scott Summers) and Jean Grey's clone Madelyne Pryor is quite the ambiguous mixture to bring into the fold. Starting way back in 1990 with The New Mutants comics, Cable has affiliations with Domino, Rachel Summers, Hope Summers and Deadpool himself.

But how can the son of these X-Men legends be so closely aligned to Ryan Reynolds' character? Well, apparently he was sent to the future as an infant where he learned his skills to be a warrior, all prior to heading back to the present timeline. His mutant abilities range from telepathy to telekinesis and oh, he's a deadly marksman to boot. Although his aesthetics makes him a monster on legs, the possibility has been left open to change the character's gender to female. At least, should the filmmakers decide that it fits in better with the screenplay.

Reynolds Has Insta-Fun With Amy Schumer At Globes

Having the best conversation. #goldenglobes

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Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer sit down at a table... That isn't the start of a bad joke, just the arrangements at the Golden Globes as the stars shared their preparations for the evening on social media. Alongside the tagline, "Having the best conversation," Reynolds awkwardly posed against two placements of the Snatched co-stars.

His Marvel installment might not have taken home any gold of note on the night, but the overwhelming consensus from fans and those inside the industry suggest that the barriers between the regular contenders and superhero flicks like Deadpool are slowly starting to breakdown. Following the outcry after The Dark Knight was snubbed in 2008, the nominees have been increased from 5 up to a potential 10 at the Academy Awards.

Fun with friends! #goldenglobes

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