Deadpool in Logan? Reynolds is in Denial!

Just when I was thinking how, besides some tragic losses this week, the news has been fairly boring. Until now at least. For those of you hoping to see Ryan Reynold's Deadpool share the screen with Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, your wish might have just been answered. That is, if you are to believe a publication over sources more familiar with the production. What do I mean? Well, bring on some social drama!

It has been reported that Ryan Reynolds has recently shot a scene for the 2017 release Logan. Playing who? You guessed it, Deadpool. The move seems to fit considering that the character's mutation is very similar to Wolverine's, allowing both characters to not age (much) over decades. While the idea of the cameo sounds awesome, we've also been warned to not get our hopes up.

Reynolds and Mangold Deny Deadpool Involvement

Logan & Deadpool

Upon hearing the news, Ryan Reynolds went to his Twitter account to offer a different account. And, for those of you excited about the possibility, it might not be something you want to hear.

Sadly, not true. Prisoner 24601 is on a solo mission.

If you are not sure what sort of hint "Prisoner 24601" is, any fan of Les Miserables can tell you that the number is the prisoner ID for Jean Valjean, as played by Hugh Jackman. So, a fun way to say that the report isn't true, but director James Mangold is taking it a bit further. Seemingly upset by rumor, the director is now calling a major publication a source for #fakenews.

So... Is Deadpool in Logan?

The verdict is still out. But, if there is a chance, it would have to be a post-credits sequence. This would also explain why Mangold is so upset by the report, as these scenes are typically kept close to the chest upon theatrical release in order to maintain a sense of surprise for viewers. To Mangold, this would be like a report giving away the twist for The Sixth Sense months before it hit theaters.

If anything, the er, rumor should open up the door for theories. Such as predictions that discuss the importance of any Deadpool post-credits involvement. We are left scratching our heads, but do admit that the prospect of somehow mixing in Deadpool post-credits does seem somewhat neat. I know, terrible word, but it fits.

If one thing is for sure, the scene has to be done with tact.