What The Deadpool 2 Writers Want With Casting Cable

While everyone from David Harbour to Pierce Brosnan, Russell Crowe and Kyle Chandler have been linked with the part of Cable, few have taken the time to understand what the character is all about. Ahead of the hotly anticipated sequel Deadpool 2, Marvel screenwriters Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese spoke about what they will be looking for.

Requiring a charismatic, mysterious time traveler who will play off the Merc with the Mouth is quite the specification. But here is what Reese had to say.

"Ryan plays Deadpool with a hint of femininity, and I think that can be funny opposite a Cable who's über-masculine," he remarked. "That'll come into casting and performance and the character design and his wardrobe and things like that too. I think we'll definitely play into that."

Logan Teaser A "Silly" Experiment For Writers

Deadpool 2 Teaser

Out promoting their science-fiction thriller Life that also happens to star Ryan Reynolds, the duo were quizzed about their thinking for the teaser that dropped in selective theaters. Shown prior to Logan, the short installment had people curious about whether this would be the overall tone of the movie. But Reese explained that it was more an exercise of playing around with the character than anything else.

"It was a little more absurd (than Deadpool 2), to be honest," said Reese. "If you look at the plot, abandoning an innocent man as he tries to get dressed, that's probably something that doesn't fit into a movie. It wouldn't work in the logic of a movie, but Deadpool affords us the opportunity to break rules, always. We just thought, 'Let's make a silly short that doesn't really happen to Deadpool.'

We don't really like to adhere to any rules in Deadpool. Even the tone can be more absurd if we feel like it's funny. That was our goal there. We also wanted that open to feel like the start of Logan, so if you were going to see Logan and the first shot came up you would think it's gonna be Hugh in the hoodie, and then when it turns out to be Deadpool you realize what's going on. That was the goal and I think he pulled it off wonderfully."

DL An Action Buff With Serious Chops

David Leitch Director of Deadpool

Switching from Tim Miller to the co-director of John Wick, Wernick argued that the franchise could not be in safer hands than that of David Leitch.

"Every director brings their take to the material," outlined the writer. "Dave (Leitch) is a wonderful director with great ideas. He's really an action savant. He really makes every other action director look like they're from another era, from an era long ago. We're really embracing that and writing to it."

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