Deadpool 2 Finally Scores A Director: John Wick’s David Leitch

After weeks and weeks of speculation, rumor and innuendo, Deadpool 2 can now get back to work. Having secured the services of David Leitch as director. According to THR, the Marvel X-Men spinoff is back on track with Leitch's appointment. Filling the void left by Tim Miller. Who you may remember left the sequel due to "creative differences."

David Leitch Deadpool

Leitch was one half of the neo-noir smash hit John Wick. Working alongside Chad Stahelski in 2014 to make the Keanu Reeves action thriller a hit with critics and the box office. The film ended up returning $86m on a $20m budget. Leitch though is not an experienced director. Having worked most of his Hollywood life as a stuntman and a stunt coordinator. He has only been involved in a writer and producer capacity here and there.

A Rendezvous With The Star Sealed The Deal

David Leitch on set of John Wick

Cutting down a short list that included such names as Magnus Martens, Rupert Sanders and Drew Goddard to replace Miller, a meeting with Reynolds in New York was the ice breaker that ensured he beat all the other contenders. Further illustrating how influential the 40-year old actor is. Giving his seal of approval to take the reigns of the project behind-the-scenes.

Fox and Marvel though are said to be exploring yet another name for Deadpool 3. Already casting the net far and wide for the sequel of the sequel. With X-Force set to make their debut in the third installment, perhaps Martens, Sanders and Goddard will be considered again for that feature.

Leitch Had A Hand In Deadpool's Ill-Fated Big Screen Appearance in 2009

Ryan Reynolds X-Men Origins

Making some cameo appearances as an actor in movies like The Bourne Legacy, V for Vendetta and The Mechanic, Leitch has a great grounding in the action genre. But it is stunt work that has been his forte, working on features that include The Bourne Ultimatum, Tron: Legacy and Jumper. As icing on the cake, he also was part of arguably the worst Marvel film to date. Which is? Here's a hint: X-Men: Origins back in 2009.

That ill-fated debut for Reynolds remains a sticking point for the star and the studio till this day. With Deadpool being stripped of all his wit and unique features that made him such a cult hit with comic fans. The 2016 flick whitewashed that from all memory. And now Leitch can link up with Reynolds to forge forward with the franchise.