DC’s Justice League Dark Could End Channing Tatum’s Gambit Picture

Doug Liman is set to direct the upcoming DC superhero installment Justice League Dark. Variety reports that the 51-year old from New York is tasked with the responsibility of making the movie a success. This installment will attempt a story that works for characters Swamp Thing, Deadman, Zatanna, Etrigan the Demon and Constantine.

The film is expected to be a spin off from the 2017 picture Justice League epic. As an attempt at DC extended universe, Justice League Dark will feature many of the names introduced through Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Questions are already beginning to surface over the title of the feature, with plenty of critics lambasting DC's overly dark tones. Giving the impression that they are taking themselves too seriously, Warner Bros has yet to find a way to flip the tone. Liman's best work to date has been associated with the Jason Bourne franchise in either a directing or producing capacity, so expect a fair degree of gritty realism for the fighting sequences.

Will Keanu Reeves Reprise His Role As Constantine?

Keanu Reeves Constantine DC

Constantine is a name that might be familiar with a fair number of readers. The comic book antihero was portrayed on the big screen in 2005 via Keanu Reeves. Though the adaptation that was a commercial hit, it instead was a mixed bag with the critics.

With casting yet to be determined, Reeves might be a name high on Liman's list to reprise the role he made distinct 11 years prior. Yet DC have made a habit of refreshing their reboots as they have done with Batman and the Flash, so the 51-year old actor might be deemed too old with a number of pictures being scheduled beyond 2017.

Liman Decision Leaves Channing Tatum's Gambit Film In Doubt

Channing Tatum Gambit

Hollywood heartthrob Channing Tatum will be waiting nervously to see if the mooted project of a stand alone Gambit film will be given the green light. With Liman's call to jump ship to take on Justice League Dark, that production was left without a director. The popular X-Men character has been floated to tell his own origin story with Tatum keen on dipping his toe in the superhero pool.

But with shooting of Justice League Dark due to start early next year, there was a clear conflict of interest. DC will be eager to keep pace with their Marvel counterparts and if the project stalls, another director could have a different name in mind to play Gambit.