DC News: Flash Earmarks 2 Directors as Justice League Endures Reshoots

The Flash has fallen victim to numerous cuts and changes at Warner Brothers and DC Films as both studio's try and recover from the critical flops they have endured. While Ezra Miller popped up in short cameos for BvS and Suicide Squad, we will get a better glimpse of his version of Barry Allen when Justice League arrives.

But the standalone title took a step in the right direction this week. As Variety reported on two top contenders to lead the production. The first of which is Robert Zemeckis of Back to the Future fame, a filmmaker who knows what it takes to deal with a science-fiction franchise that builds on a character's story arc.

The other name in the hat appears to be Matthew Vaughn. He is believed to be finishing up his work with 20th Century Fox having helmed the action sequel Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Both Zemeckis and Vaughn's schedule will be a factor, with the latter said to be interested in making a third Kingsman installment.

Stuttering and Stalling League of Justice In Trouble

Justice League

As their wish list for The Flash carries some serious operators, Justice League is seemingly going from one problem to the next as they carry the baggage from a series of underwhelming pictures. Splash Report has made mention of a strong rumor doing the rounds in Hollywood surrounding the blockbuster. Intimating that the movie has undergone two separate reshoots as confidence in the script has been undermined.

Production was wrapped in October of 2016, but a number of cast members and staff have had to return to the scene of the crime where a source told the website details of the ongoing saga.

"Speaking on a condition of anonymity, (their source) said that in the 17 months between the start of principal photography and the final cut arriving in theaters in November that the film will have essentially been 'remade...twice.'... There are more reshoots coming soon. There have been a bunch but they are going to do more."

Hammer Given Fan Art Treatment For Shazam! Role

Given the official tick of approval by Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson this week, Armie Hammer has been given the fan art treatment by Comicbook.com ahead of a mooted role in the DCEU. Listed as a frontrunner for Shazam! by the 45-year old, as he was out promoting his rebooted comedy Baywatch, the soon-to-be villain Black Adam sees Hammer as the man best placed to take on the role as Warner Brothers project forward in their slated scheduling.

A foe of Adam's in the comic world, Hammer might not strike too much fear into the former WWE star's heart with this look. He is poster ready, but the Lone Ranger actor would need to significantly bulk up for the role if it is offered.

Source: Variety, MovieWeb, Comicbook.com