DC News: The Batman Sources Scarface Producer As Flash Debuts In Justice League

There is a lot of movement at the DC station this week as the upcoming trailer for Justice League drops this Saturday March 25. With the short teaser just offering a 20-second glimpse of the action that is to come, the ensemble blockbuster is merely a precursor to Ben Affleck's standalone installment The Batman.

The project slated for production later this year ahead of a potential 2018 release has been thrown into complete chaos. Since the struggle between the filmmakers and Warner Brothers resulted in more control for the people behind the camera, Deathstroke's Joe Manganiello has cast doubt over his inclusion as composer Hans Zimmer went on the offensive to slam Affleck's portrayal of the Caped Crusader against that of Christian Bale.

But Deadline is reporting that Reeves has taken a step forward in the right direction to bring onboard a familiar face to the set.

Batman Going To War As Reeves Sounds Out Clark

War for the Planet of hte Apes

Working side-by-side with his producing partner Dylan Clark on the upcoming War for the Planet of the Apes, the pair are said to meet up again for The Batman. Clark has been a regular confidant of Reeves, helping to develop the rebooted franchise starting with 2011's Rise of the Planet of the Apes to 2014's Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

The producer has a lot on his plate with Universal Studios, being a key player in the creations or recreations of Scarface, Battlestar Galactica and Space RaceHis probable inclusion would make for interesting discussion with DC's Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns who helped to pen the initial script alongside Argo's Chris Terrio and Affleck himself.

Clark would not confirm or deny the link as Reeves switches his attention from the third Apes installment over to the ailing Batman movie.

Flash Takes Off With Other JL Members

Faster United #JusticeLeague #TheFlash #UniteTheLeague

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As the Justice League trailer will fall exactly 12 months after the opening of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, DC and Warner Brothers have offered a snippet of the big screen version of Barry Allen to feast our eyes on until the real thing drops over the weekend. 24-year old Ezra Miller's standalone feature appears to have gone nowhere quick, but the speedster is ready for action in the ensemble title ahead of it's November 17, 2017 debut.

The closing shot shows Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, Ray Fisher's Cyborg, Ben Affleck's Batman and Jason Momoa's Aquaman all in the one frame. Once this picture comes to fruition, the chances of Miller making some progress for his own Flash flick should be a simpler process.

Source: Deadline, MovieWeb