DC Looking To Copy Marvel By Releasing R Rated Movies

It has taken a couple of years for the penny to drop, but DC Films now understand how much ass Marvel has been kicking courtesy of Deadpool and Logan. These titles have not only blown the competition out of the water at the box office, but won critics over for their unapologetic use of language, violence and genuine thrills that a PG film cannot achieve.

Speaking with The Wrap, an unnamed source from the studio was quizzed whether or not they would go down the R rating path in the wake of their rival's success. Rather than sticking to the script, they explained that it is a concept they would definitely embrace.

"One hundred percent yes. With the right character(s)."

Is Mel Gibson Talk A Smokescreen?

Mel Gibson Suicide Squad

Mel Gibson might have talked a good game on the red carpet during the Academy Awards, but Tom Philip from GQ is yet to be convinced that the actor and filmmaker will be directing a new and improved Suicide Squad 2.

"The madder, more cynical of us (hello) aren't convinced," he writes. "This whole thing is certainly an effective way to drum up publicity for a film that doesn't even have a script yet. With David Ayer and Margot Robbie working on Gotham City Sirens, and Leto's Joker experiment presumably taking his talents to The Batman, what's even the point of a Suicide Squad 2?"

But the sheer excitement and shift in tone from a Gibson movie is enough to keep people talking. Even the most cynical of fans are mildly enthused by the potential partnership.

"Then again, DC has been putting out mediocre movies for the last five years and emerging each time with a modest profit—so why not just cash in on all the buzz this is likely to get, no matter the tone of that buzz? Hell, it will be the most decorated collaboration in DC history, with an Academy Award–winning director teaming up with an Academy Award–winning movie. Isn't that gross?"

THS Parody Harley Quinn With Lady Ga Ga

The folks at The Hillywood Show have released a new music video parody of Suicide Squad, channeling a reworked version of Lady Ga Ga's track 'Judas.' Creators Hilly and Hannah Hindi have form with this type of production, following their videos for Sherlock and Supernatural.

Dressed in the full attire, the short showcases the passion and undevoted love Harley Quinn has for the Joker. "I'm just a Harlequin, oh baby it’s a sin / But I'm still in love with Joker, baby."

Source: The Wrap, GQ, MTV