DC Fans Demand Red Hood… and Shia LaBeouf

To be honest, I don't know much about the DC extended universe. But when fellow blogger Michael Gordon listed Red Hood as the #2 most wanted villain for the Batfleck solo film, I immediately loved the idea. What was the #1 choice? Well, if you don't want to check out the top 5 options, I can give one hint. The Court of Owls. Okay, maybe that's a big hint. After learning about each of the villain possibilities, Red Hood instantly became my favorite of the bunch. But why?

First off, the character is awesome. And, seeing how well Winter Soldier has done with Marvel, it makes sense to introduce a vigilante anti-hero. Second, the idea was already setup with Warner Bros' Batman v Superman. In the film, audiences were presented with an empty Robin suit, tagged with, "Hahah, jokes on you Batman." This alone sets up the origin story for Red Hood, just as long as the Robin killed was Jason Todd. Was it? According to director David Ayer, who would have some insight into DC movie plans, it definitely was.

Robin Suit in Batman v Superman

DC Fans Want to Red Hood

But who is Red Hood? It turns out that this particular villain has a complicated history. When Jason Todd became Robin in 1983 in the DC Comic, fans didn't necessarily like him. DC responded by having a poll on whether the character should be killed by the Joker. The vote was polarizing and, after over 10,000 votes cast, the character's death won by a margin of 72 votes. The character saw his demise in 1988. After his loss, the comic followed Bruce Wayne's misery of not being able to save Todd. Since there is no nemesis better than an old friend, Jason Todd would be resurrected as Red Hood. Taking on a Batman-like role, the character had no issue using lethal force and weapons.

It took until 2005 for that resurrection to happen and, mixing in The Dark Knight, we discover that Talia al Ghul was the one to bring Todd back.

Pretty cool, right? And it finds a connection with Nolan's Batman and the new DC installments. Seems to be the perfect fit.

DC Fans Want Shia LaBeouf

Red Hood

As strange as the movement sounds, I like it. Head on over to Change.Org to sign the petition -- it is only short a few signatures -- demanding that Shia LaBeouf is cast as Red Hood in the DCEU. The petition was delivered to Warner Brothers, Zack Snyder and Ben Affleck. The campaign has some pretty good points on why Shia LaBeouf is their guy.

Its a opportunity for him to show the world what an amazing actor he can truly be. If you just give him a chance to be this character. Help him get from one of the most looked down upon actors in Hollywood to one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood because of this role.

Ben affleck was hated by so many people because he was cast as Batman and now he is loved by many after they say what an amazing performance Ben Affleck could do as Batman.

Shia LaBeouf is willing to go the distance to be the best that his character can be in recent films.

While the actor is polarizing, I can't help but agree with all these points. I say YES, bring on the villain and this particular actor to carry the role. But my reasoning comes down to one thing only--The video below.

I know, I know, you don't have to say it--You want Shia LeBeouf. If you did need more convincing, Brad Pitt couldn't stop talking about what a method actor LaBeouf was on the set of Fury. So much so that it scared the cast at times. It's Shia LaBeouf!