Dave Bautista Talks X-Men vs Avengers Crossover Possibility

Now we know that Guardians of the Galaxy are going to crossover in the Marvel universe to feature in Avengers: Civil War, we are now told that one of the cast members has weighed in on the possibility of the X-Men joining the fold. With Logan set to close off that chapter that has spanned over a decade for the superhero franchise, rumors have swirled around the future of those characters and what could be in store down the track.

Yet with all these things, they always come back to issues around money and licensing. Therefore putting a wet blanket over an industry that brings the best in imagination to life. 20th Century Fox hold all the aces for X-Men and Fantastic Four, leaving Marvel to control everything else and looking over the fence for any sign that a deal could be struck.

Bautista Pours Cold Water On Concept Despite Personal Enthusiasm

Dave Bautista Guardians of the Galaxy

Turning up to the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest courtesy of Comicbook.com, the 47-year old didn't fancy the chances of an X-Men/Avengers combo ever coming to pass.

"As a fan I would love to see it," said Bautista. "Unfortunately it's always gonna be like that because the studios have a thing. X-Men vs. Avengers will probably never happen."

All it will take would be a productive meeting between Marvel Studios and 20th Century Fox to talk terms but with the money at stake, it seems neither will give an inch.

Rooker: GotG More Fun Than Walking Dead

Michael Rooker Guardians of the Galaxy

Playing Merle Dixon in AMC's cult hit series The Walking Dead, most Marvel fans would be forgiven for thinking that actor Michael Rooker enjoyed the post apocalyptic world of zombies more than the villain in the 2014 blockbuster. But this is not the case, as the 61-year old found the movie more rewarding, both figuratively and literally.

"Merle was okay. Yondu was okay. Yondu paid more money," said a blunt Rooker. "I have a lot more fun playing Yondu. And I didn't have to dodge rattlesnakes and pick ticks off my body but there's just something out of being a guy with a knife as a hand... The first time I tried on the hand, I was putting on my jacket...I stabbed the wardrobe guy in the belly. It didn't go in or anything but it was like poking the Pillsbury Doughboy."

Source: Cinema Blend, Cinema Blend