Comedian Amy Schumer Lined Up For Live Action Barbie Movie

Sony are taking a risk with this new venture. But if there is anyone they could get on board who is not frightened to try something out-of-the-box it is Amy Schumer. The 35-year old has been cast for a live action Barbie movie by the studio. Though they have yet to find and confirm a director, Walter F. Parkes, Laurie MacDonald and Amy Pascal have all signed on as producers for the venture.

The iconic Mattel doll was first released way back in March 1959 after being created by El Segundo. Fewer toy brands around the globe could match the magnitude of Barbie, earning a staggering $3b annually from sales of the product. But it has been anything but smooth sailing in recent years, something that will surely be examined in the flick.

Schumer Ideal Candidate to Bring Body Issue Front and Center

Amy Schumer Barbie

A topic that was looked at by The Simpsons way back in the early 1990s, Barbie comes to represent something very different for girls and women. A segment of the population who feel the doll pushed a body agenda that was completely unfair and undermining. In this context, Schumer's real life experience dealing with trolls provides the ideal platform to showcase this issue in a very real way.

The synopsis centers around Schumer, who plays a doll struggling to fit into the world of perfectly elongated legs and disfigured feet. Dismissed from 'Barbieland,' she goes on a journey to discover that life is more than skin deep.

Questions Over Schumer's "Saucy" Routine Fitting Into Narrative

Amy Schumer and Beyonce Time Magazine

Coming under fire for a Beyonce parody alongside Goldie Hawn, Schumer is also experienced in the realm of controversy. Even when her merits are debatable. Seeing a wave of Twitter users attempt to knock her down because of her weight, the actress continues to go on the front foot to slam the haters and this casting news is testament to her fortitude.

The thin beauty of the classic Barbie has long been lambasted, not only for avoiding women of other sizes but color. Whatever public reaction is received from now until the film opens, Schumer won't allow the talk to influence her next career move. If anything, it will only spur it on to greater heights.

Source: THR, The New Daily