Civil War Directors Considered Killing Off Captain America

So many questions, doubts and fears remained following the epic 2016 blockbuster Captain America: Civil War. But the directors of the movie admitted that they did think about a grim end for the title character in what would have been a major twist.

Collider reports that Joe and Anthony Russo spoke to members of the entertainment press for the DVD Blu-ray release of Civil War. While they were not quoted directly, they did float the concept of sticking to the comic books by killing off Steve Rogers AKA Captain America.

The Russo brothers said for "a beat" they examined including his death into the screenplay. A plot point that would have gone a way to solving one of their other great concerns - fitting in a multitude of characters in the one production.

To prove how much stress the filmmakers were under, even Marvel President Kevin Feige quipped during the interviews, “How many characters are in the film you’re working on now?”

Captain America: Civil War

Friction Between Stark and Rogers Essential To Civil War Being A Hit

The Russo Brothers cited the "Kramer vs. Kramer" struggle of Iron Man and Captain America as the great tragedy of Civil War. Kevin Feige wanted to take the story a step further by dividing the fans down the middle. The narrative that follows never allows the audience to completely side with either superhero. Considering that both have flaws and virtues in their stance to battle the villains in the best way they see fit.

“If the audience leaves arguing over who was right (Captain America or Iron Man), explained Feige, "then we’ve been successful.”

More Is More For Marvel, Unlike DC


While Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a key example of how not to shoehorn an array of superheroes into a single film. On the other hand, Captain America: Civil War is the blueprint to making that difficult task a success. The conflict between the main protagonists was born of natural events. As opposed to the obscure divide between Batman and Superman. The Marvel screenplay and special effects also complimented each other to perfection.

With a box office return of $1.1 billion, Civil War took a big budget and a talented ensemble cast and found away to utilize it all smartly. The ball is now in DC's court to try and rescue something akin to a (critical) train wreck.