Chadwick Boseman Shifts Blame Off Zack Snyder for Batman v Superman

Just when I was trying to prevent the Zack Snyder discussion, Chadwick Boseman had to go and talk sh*t. While discussing his upcoming solo film for Marvel, the actor couldn't help but touch upon the importance of the choice of director. Especially when doing big-budget comicbook adaptations. That being said, Zack Snyder's name couldn't help but be brought up.

Zack Snyder, as a director, is polarizing. I get it. In regards to my personal opinion of the director, he's great. Yes, he's getting tons of flack for Batman v Superman, but the script seemed just as at fault as his direction. Warner Bros also had their fingers in the production process, requiring expedited edits, causing the film to not be er, as smooth as it should have been. Let's also not forget that Warner Bros is attempting to create an expanded DC universe in literally one-third the time that it took Marvel to do it. Patience, it seems, is not the studio's strong point.

But, when it comes to perfectly bringing a comic book panel to life on the big screen, it's hard to think of a better director than Snyder. So, yes, people can complain about his final product, but there is a reason Warner Bros. keeps him around for the expansion of their DC Universe. He's still capable of greatness. At least, that's me being an optimist. But I digress...

Batman v Superman Wallpaper

Chadwick Boseman Places Quality on the Director... Sort Of

While talking with CBM, Chadwick Boseman touched upon why he thinks Warner Bros and DC are struggling. At least in terms of quality, as we all know that they are printing money. And, though he explains a director with a "clear voice" is necessary, he plays it cool and spreads the blame.

"Sometimes when you watch movies you see that the producers are saying something, someone else is saying something, the directors are saying something. And sometimes, it doesn’t work. I don’t know if that’s why it doesn’t resonate, if it’s because maybe the director didn’t get his cut, I have no way of knowing that."

So, too many chefs in the kitchen as it were. So what's Marvel's secret? Well, according to him, it's obvious... and a small ding against Zack Snyder.

The directors are very much making the movie.

Black Panther Sticks to Darker Tone

What about the fact that audiences didn't like the darker tone showcased in Batman v Superman? Though Warner Bros adjusted quickly with reshoots for Suicide Squad -- not much good it did -- Marvel is unfazed by the critical response to going dark. Chadwick Boseman promises his solo Black Panther movie will definitely be darker.

Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther

"There’s a mystery and a mystique to Black Panther. So all those things to me sort of present a recipe for a darker drama than you might normally see."

Even with a darker tone, Marvel does seem to have the magic formula of making a "dark" installment fun.