Brad Pitt Considering Sci-Fi Blockbuster Ad Astra From James Gray

Brad Pitt appears to have a lot more time on his hands these days than a few months ago. Splitting from wife Angelina Jolie before Paramount pulled plans on a World War Z sequel. Despite filmmaker David Fincher putting his hand up to direct the feature, the 53-year old has turned his attention towards James Gray and his production of Ad Astra.

The pair have been working together of late for The Lost City of Z, a 2017 drama that explores the life and times of British explorer Percy Fawcett in the Amazon rainforest. With Gray mastering the camera and Pitt producing behind the scenes, the duo are now looking ahead to this science fiction project.

Film To Explore The Mental Perils of Deep Space

Should Pitt agree to join Ad Astra, he would be taking on the role of “the slightly autistic space engineer Roy McBride.” The story is said to explore the events 20 years after Roy's father left on a one-way mission to Neptune. Though sci-fi-ish, Gray expressed his desire to make something that was grounded in real life.

"I want to try and do something specific and rather different, and the intention is to make a film which is almost science fact, and it takes place entirely in space," remarked the director. "I had read about NASA trying to find ‘emotionally — what’s the right word — ‘undeveloped’ people to travel to Mars, because being cooped up for a year and a half is very difficult. So the idea that I had was to sort of mix a kind of Conrad-ian story, a ‘Heart of Darkness,’ with the idea in which NASA has made a miscalculation about one of its astronauts, who cannot handle deep space. So the idea is a kind of mental breakdown in space, and to do it almost like Apollo footage: incredibly realistic — so no sound in space, obviously — and to do it distinguishing itself with the idea that, in a way, human beings need the earth."

Pitt and Hudson Predicted To Go Public

Kate Hudson in Good People

If the latest reports are to be believed, then Pitt has quickly moved on from Jolie to Kate Hudson. According to Yahoo7 Be, the pair have been linked for months in a romantic sense. And, while a custody battle for his children remains an ongoing matter, the 'couple' could be making things officially shortly.

OK! magazine spoke to a source and remarked that the news will be well received. "They both share the same low-ket vibe... They've been secretly meeting up since they first got together... They'll have quite a blended brood, but I imagine all the kids will get along great."

Hudson has two children of her own, sons Bingham (5) and Ryder (13).

Source: /FILM, Yahoo