Black and White Noir Edition of Logan Coming To Google Play

Movie hipsters rejoice! The 2017 blockbuster that was Logan is only weeks away from a Blu-ray and DVD release into the market. But the good news does not stop there. After a multitude of requests from Marvel fans hoping to see the R-rated romp in black and white, Google Play have responded in the affirmative to point customers to their store.

Here a noir copy of the film will be available to download and purchase, delivering the goods. The title is still clinging on to its final weeks at the box office leading into a seventh week on the big screen, opening to rousing success from March 3 to see a whopping $606m globally. While 20th Century Fox have not commented on the black and white copy, Google's listing speaks for itself.

Noir Stylings Teased During Promotional Run

Donald Pierce in Logan

As the months, weeks and days were building to the premiere of the X-Men extravaganza, the cast and crew were intimating snippets of information that this could be the case. Whether it was Logan scouring the deserted landscape, Donald Pierce waiting in his car or Professor X appearing old and decrepit, the stripped-back aesthetic added an extra dimension and gritty realism to proceedings.

Director James Mangold got in on the act, as did the lead star Hugh Jackman - posting production shots in the noir framing. With Google Play offering this version to fans, there is all likelihood that the Blu-Ray and DVD copies will follow suit. Illustrating that the carefully crafted marketing campaign was not just for the prelude to the main event.

Will Black and Chrome Be The Next Trend For Action Installments?

Mad Max Fury Road Black and White

Seldom are modern movies released in black and white as the first option. Outside of examples like Nebraska, Ida, Computer Chess, Snow White and the 2014 thriller A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, the consensus from filmmakers is that the costs outweigh the benefits when it comes to the spectacle of telling a story in that format as opposed to color.

But giving the audience the choice between the two when they take their personalized copy home is something that might become the norm for blockbusters of this scale. In November last year we reported on the push to have Logan in black and white after Mad Max: Fury Road did likewise with a special black and chrome edition on DVD.

That 2015 epic from George Miller pulled out all the stops and rewarded the viewer with the alternative cut. Perhaps studios like Fox and Warner Brothers will continue the tradition?

Source: MovieWeb