Black Panther Movie To Provide 1990s Flashback

The nation of Wakanda might be the true roots for the origin story of Marvel's Black Panther. But when the character makes his stand alone debut next year, we will see how 1990s California helped to educate and shape T’Challa. First seen on Captain America: Civil War as the ensemble blockbuster brought Spider-Man into the fold for good measure, this upcoming picture directed by Ryan Coogler wants to focus in on the hero's formative years.

This week a new report emerged from East Bay Times that outlined a new 90s style logo for Black Panther that will be plastered on a vintage bus. Shooting is said to be done in Atlanta, Georgia, yet it will be around San Francisco that he will be seen.

Craft of the Flashback Goes Full 90s

Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther

The local publication offered an insight into how this retro look would fit in. Going back 25 plus years to illustrate the creation of the character.

"In one scene, the film’s protagonist has a flashback to 1990, while he was a student at Saint Mary’s College High School in Berkeley," explained East Bay Times. "And of course, he’s a daily AC Transit commuter. Cue the 1990s-era bus for the appropriate establishing shot. (We’ll assume the bus is arriving on time. It is Hollywood, after all.)"

Aside from the dig at the transport system, this short demonstrates how important his American heritage is before he becomes the legend in black. To those that know him from the comic books, it will come as no great shock that he earned a great education. All to secure a Physics degree from Oxford University in the papered version.

Brown: Far From One Dimensional For BP

Sterling K Brown

Talking to the press at the annual Film Independent Filmmaker Grant and Spirit Award Nominees Brunch, actor Sterling K. Brown opened up about the movie to argue that it will carry a lot of subtext. Making waves for his performance in the FX miniseries People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, Brown explained that the film will be well-rounded on all counts.

“It’s not just an action film,” started Brown to ET. “It addresses the climate today of Africans and African-Americans ― across the country and across the world ― in a way that people will really be excited about.”

The performer made headlines last week to post on Twitter about wanting to be included in Green Lantern Corps for DC. It was especially jolting after being cast in the rival Marvel franchise.

Black Panther opens February 16, 2018.

Source: /FILM, The Huffington Post