Black Panther Is The MCU Movie Stan Lee Cannot Wait To See

Marvel has so many movies slated for release over the next few years, even someone of Stan Lee's stature might struggle to keep up. The comic book creator and cameo actor is considered something of a Godfather figure in the superhero genre. And, given his depth of knowledge on the subject, his opinion counts for more than most.

With a schedule that includes Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers: Infinity War, Captain Marvel and more. What would be the title that had the veteran most excited to sit down and watch? For what it's worth, he identified the 2018 installment Black Panther as the one you cannot miss. Making the argument that it will be a truly unique experience on a number of counts.

The Sci-Fi Genius Nobody Knows Will Be A Household Name For Lee

Appearing on an interview for Nerd Reactor, Lee was asked about his most anticipated movie on the horizon and it was a straight forward response.

Black Panther," he replied without a moment of hesitation. "It’s our first black superhero. And boy I think he’s going to be a big hit. At least I hope so. I’ve got my fingers crossed. I like the Black Panther because, first of all, he’s not the typical way you’d write about a black guy. He seems like a regular native in the jungle, but he’s really the head of a nation which is hidden underground. They’re all scientific geniuses. And this guy, he’s a scientific genius. Nobody knows the story about the whole Black Panther. And I’m not going to tell it all. You’re going to have to go see the movie!”

Inducted into the White Castle's Cravers Hall of Fame, an obscure crossover question was put to him about the fast food restaurant and the MCU.

"I’d want to eat White Castle with the Hulk," he admitted. "Because then they would be giving us a lot of them. He’s got a big appetite and I hope I get my share. I love White Castle hamburgers.”

Reporters Get Early Look At 2 Marvel Properties

Ant-Man and Black Panther in Marvel

With Heat Vision chronicling journalist's visit to Marvel, the publication were given early access to fresh cuts and artwork for both Black Panther and the Paul Rudd sequel Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Director Peyton Reed remarked on the latter project to pinpoint the making of the suit, arguing that the outfit has to be as realistic as humanly possible.

"The suits are one thing on the comic page. They are fantastic. When you actually have to make it seem realistic in the real world, in three dimensions, you've got to buy it. It's got to be credible," said Reed. "This is a whole new suit. It's fun, because it's very specific for the needs of the story."

Source: THR, Den of Geek