Black Panther Actor Puts His Hand Up For DC’s Green Lantern Corps

It is commonly knowledge, especially for those that work within the industry itself, that the two superhero worlds of Marvel and DC are kept at arm's length. So much so that Ezra Miller had to disappoint a young fan to refuse to sign a Marvel toy late last year. All to avoid infringing on delicate copyright issues.

But it seems as though Sterling K. Brown has not received the memo, putting his name into the public hat to play John Stewart in the upcoming Green Lantern Corps production. The reboot of the franchise follows Ryan Reynold's ill-fated time in the suit. Normally this would be fine and all above board, the only problem being that Brown is to be cast in Marvel's upcoming Black Panther installment, as a key member of that universe. Stating that, "I humbly submit my name," Brown's agent might be curious as to the reasoning behind this post and how it could impact his soon-to-be employers.

Sterling Work On TV In People v OJ Simpson Series

Sterling K. Brown

The hit television mini-series People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story took the small screen by storm last year. And, alongside names like Sarah Paulson, Cuba Gooding Jr., David Schwimmer and John Travolta, Brown stood out as prosecutor Christopher Darden. Walking the fine line between doing his job and appeasing the African American community during a time of great division and tension.

Although his public pitch to be in a DC film is unusual, it is not unprecedented. Not only has Reynolds jumped from Marvel (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) to DC (Green Lantern) back to Marvel (Deadpool), but actors like Callan Mulvey and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje have done likewise in smaller capacities. Whilst a release date is yet to be set for the DC reboot, Brown would be best advised to make the most of his time in one franchise and squeeze that for all it is worth than muddy the waters.

GLC Casts 2 Comic Book Favorites

Green Lantern Corps John Stewart

With David S. Goyer and Justin Rhodes being earmarked by Warner Brothers to pen the script to Green Lantern Corps, two characters in particular have been confirmed to take part in the movie. Hal Jordan is returning (without Reynolds) as well as John Stewart who is regarded as one of the most prominent and important African-American superheroes in comics.

Executive producers Geoff Johns and Jon Berg are putting the pieces in place as casting will go a long way to determine the success or failure of the film. Starting way back in 1971's Green Lantern/Green Arrow comic, Stewart's inclusion is a big nod to the history of the franchise.

Source: THR