Benicio Del Toro and Rosario Dawson Linked To Major Last Jedi Roles

Reddit fan theories are not the bastion of all that is true in news. However, with Benicio Del Toro cast in Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi, one user believes that Rey's father Ezra Bridger would be the ideal match.

The 49-year old from Puerto Rico is keeping himself busy with three current films of his in post-production or still shooting. starting with Song to Song, The Last Jedi, the Sicario sequel Soldado. Oh! And let's not forget Avengers: Infinity War, where he will be reprising his role as The Collector.  Yet it is his ties to the Bridger character that has people talking, indicating that he could very well be playing Rey's father.

Del Toro Joins Last Jedi

Benicio Del Toro

Inspired from the CGI animation series Star Wars Rebels, the theory maintains that few other characters would be a fit for The Wolfman star.

"Simply put, I think Benicio Del Toro is going to be Rey's father," wrote the user under the alias Darth_Hodor. "None of the other Rey theories really make much sense. She's not going to be a Skywalker (besides we already have a new one in the form of Kylo Ren), she's not a Kenobi, or anyone else we know. I did find the thought of her being related to Palpatine interesting but they'd have to really work hard to sell that one, and I don't see the majority of the audience really buying that. But that's not to say Del Toro will be playing a new character. I think he's playing an adult Ezra Bridger (from the Rebels TV show). He'd be about the right age, and there have been theories that Rebels will end with Ezra (and Kanan if he's still alive) joining Luke's new Jedi Academy."

Will Del Toro Take A Trip To The Dark Side?

Having been introduced to Rey during The Force Awakens isolated and alone, there could be every chance that Ezra has shifted to the dark side of the force.

"But then why was she left on Jakku?" asks Darth_Hodor. "The theory I've come up with is that Ezra fell to the dark side. He joins forces with Snoke and together they start manipulating the Jedi starting with Ben Solo. Foreseeing this, Luke hides Rey from her father, and in retaliation Ezra, through or with Kylo Ren, destroy the Jedi Academy. Luke flees and Del Toro is left without knowing where his daughter is hidden. The reason I really like this theory is it allows for a 'double fall' in Episode VIII. It sets up Rey's fall to the dark side (which could be incredible if pulled off correctly) and Kylo Ren is already poised for a redemption arc of his own (a 'fall' to the light). This would set up a fantastic finale between these two characters in Episode IX."

Delightful Dawson Wants Key Last Jedi Gig

Rosario Dawson Star Wars

From Marvel to DC to Star Wars. A franchise whore! Just kidding... But chances are that, if there is a big superhero universe or fantasy action blockbuster coming out, then Rosario Dawson is probably involved. Del Toro's Sin City co-star has recently been linked to the character Ahsoka Tano in a live-action version, with the character being a prominent feature in Star Wars Rebels.

Quizzed by a fan online if she would be eager to play the part following her voiceover work on The Lego Batman Movie and Justice League Dark, the 37-year old New York native sounded incredibly keen."Yes please!" she tweeted, "#AhsokaLives #AhsokaTano"

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