Benedict Cumberbatch Talks Doctor Strange Mixtape and MCU Phase 3

The feature might have lost out at the Academy Awards on Sunday evening for Best Visual Effects, but the folks at Disney and Marvel won't be too disappointed for their 2016 installment Doctor Strange. With the Blu-ray and digital HD DVD copies being released this week, the star of the picture sat down to talk about the character in more depth.

Fitting into a framework with a well established ensemble was not a simple task, squeezing in between Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man, Chris Evans' Captain America, Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow, Chris Hemsworth's Thor and Mark Ruffalo's Hulk as part of The Avengers. Yet the 40-year old has taken it all in his stride, explaining that the experience of being a superhero is a thrilling rollercoaster.

BC Comes In 3 As MCU Expand Their World

Doctor Strange Avengers

The comic books offer a litany of storylines and narratives to explore with all the characters. From origin stories to crossovers, prequels, sequels and a range that the studio is just tapping into. Entering at Phase 3 of the MCU for Cumberbatch, can he open up about how his alter ego fits into the equation?

"I can, but with no plot spoilers for future things," replies the actor. "But yeah, no, what else could I be expected to say except that I’m thrilled. I feel like I’ve said it all before. It’s very exciting, it was great to be in origin film that’s done this well and I really enjoyed playing him, and even with the reshoots we did, it was great fun to put that costume and persona back on again, so I’m very excited to carry him forward. That’s all I can really say today, you know. But I’m genuinely really, really excited. I’ve got a lot of fun to look forward with the Infinity Wars and I’m sure with his own standalone film again."

With the behind-the-scenes crew nominated at the Oscars for their work on production, Cumberbatch was quizzed about his performance in front of the green screen and how the process played out.

"It’s all smoke and mirrors, all of it. Whether you’re doing something in front of an incredibly realistic backdrop that Charlie Woods might have designed—I mean, he’s another person who I wish would also have been nominated, because you always look at these films as the world that’s created in edits or some kind of post-production or post-the day of shoot environment, and yet on the day there was some sets we were on, like the Hong Kong streets at the end, that was a month’s worth of shooting on an incredible street that was an amalgamation of all sorts of pieces of Hong Kong. It was phenomenal, I mean, it was so realistic."

After Nepal Tragedy, We Had To Show Our Support: Cumberbatch

Doctor Strange

Following a devastating earthquake in 2015 that caused mass devastation in Nepal, Cumberbatch said that the studio, cast and crew had to forge ahead with shooting plans for Doctor Strange. If for nothing else to help the local community.

"It was, and for us to be there, and I was kind of—I was very, very adamant that we should, after the earthquake happened that we should still, because by then I was sort of attached to the film, and I said, look, I know insurers will be scratching their heads, but we’ve got to do this," he remarked. "It’s going to give such an incredible authenticity to the opening of the film, but more importantly, it’s exactly the time we should be going to a country that’s been through what they’ve been through, and show the world that they can support the infrastructure of a film like ours, and that it’s a place that’s open for business, and it was incredible. It was so well looked after, it was an utterly inspiring environment to be for the kind of, not just the visual backdrop but the whole sort of spiritual backdrop of this film."

After Guardians of the Galaxy brought retro music back into the fold, Doctor Strange had their own DJ on the decks to spin Beyonce and Pink Floyd. What tracks does Cumberbatch believe Stephen Strange would have on his personal mixtape?

"It would be an awesome mixtape, I should get Scott (Derrickson director) on to that, definitely. Oh, I don’t know, I mean, there’s lots of stuff I listen to which he may, he may listen to. I think, you know, Radiohead would feature, Elbow. I’m just mentioning all my favorite bands. No, I mean, if he can go from Chuck Mangione to Pink Floyd, I think you’re covering a lot of bases. It would be a very, very interesting time as a DJ. And why not? Why not?"

Source: Collider