Ben Affleck Left “Embarrassed” By PR Stuff Up

Seldom will a man of Ben Affleck's standing and reputation admit wrongdoing in an instance such as this. But with the response so strong, the Hollywood icon felt the need to admit culpability. As Trailer Addict reported last week, his junket to promote the film The Accountant became a lightning rod for KTLA's Sam Rubin as he unleashed a myriad of accusations against his representatives for censorship. Therefore channeling the discussion away from interesting topics the viewers of the morning show might find interesting.

According to The New York Times, Affleck admitted to feeling "embarrassed" by the fiasco by the whole debacle. This was shortly followed by Brooke Burns, wife of The Accountant director Gavin O’Connor. Burns came onto the program to offer cookies and an apology where she threw all of the blame onto the representatives of the day.

Rubin then took to Facebook to outline what had happened and his feelings since the event occurred. “I spoke at length with Ben Affleck’s personal publicist (at Sunshine Sachs), who was very polite and very apologetic,” Rubin wrote on social media. “She was not in the room when all of this went down. She, in fact, was ill that day, and had junior staffers work the junket. She assured me that had she been there, this would not have taken place, and I believe her.”

Affleck Fighting Multiple Fires After Batman v Superman Fallout

Ben Affleck in Batman v Superman

When it rains it pours. The Inquisitr reported that Affleck went on the front foot to confront the lukewarm reception to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He went on to pinpoint how tone became the major talking point from what he saw.

"Although I think the reviews… fans went, and it got a lot of positive responses," began the actor/director. "It was interesting, that movie, because it was judged, not necessarily on execution so much as on, like, its tone. People seem to want a lighter tone to the movie, and I thought that was interesting because it’s a subjective… tone isn’t a qualitative thing. It’s subjective, right? Some tones might resonate with me, and they might not with you."

Kevin Smith Leaps To Ben's Defense And Argues He Is Better Than A Classic Caped Crusader

Ben Affleck Batman

Even before The Justice League has linked up, actor, director and all-round movie buff Kevin Smith stood in Affleck's corner. Smith showed up to not only defend his performance as Bruce Wayne/Batman, but also compare him favorably to a former great in the role. Inquisitr reports that his colleague on classic 90s comedies like Mallrats and Chasing Amy believed he had surpassed Michael Keaton and liked what he saw so far.

"Ben Affleck rules as the Batman,” Smith declared. “The brilliance of Zach Snyder said, let’s make him look and move like the video game Batman. I mean it used to be Michael Keaton, and f***, Mr. Mom doesn’t hit too hard, but Ben comes in and blows up 12 people just coming in the door!"

Rarely have the words "Zach Snyder" and "brilliance" been used in the same sentence, but it is nice to know there are Hollywood identities out there who are willing to go against the grain and let us know what they really think.