Ben Affleck Confirms the Name of His Solo Batman Installment

With Ben Affleck making the rounds promoting The Accountant, due out on October 14th, it makes sense that the actor would get hammered with questions regarding his DC involvement. After convincing (most) that he makes one helluva Batman, the actor is left with a number of projects in development as the character. He peaked in for Suicide Squad, we've seen a trailer for Justice League, and let's not forget that the Batman franchise will provide some solo installments as well. While we do know some details about the solo Batman film, we don't know much. We do know that it will feature a number of characters including Deathstroke. Hopefully not too many characters, as we've seen in BvS what happens when the stuffing gets too er, stuffed. And, up until today, the title still remained a mystery.

While early rumors claimed that Warner Bros. would be calling Affleck's Batman installment, The Batman, that was never confirmed. Until now, at least. While talking with Associated Press about The Accountant, the actor confirmed that, yes, his first solo Batman installment will be called The Batman. So nothing too surprising there. Save for the fact that I was amused to see AP title their interview with Affleck as, "Ben Affleck Reveals The Batman." I guess this DC property is more important than the central point of the interview.

Hoping for Strong Batman Installment

While Batman v Superman and Justice League can't be compared to Christopher Nolan's excellent The Dark Knight trilogy, that may not be the case with The Batman. To start, Ben Affleck has put a lot of weight on his shoulders. Both literally and figuratively. The actor will not only play the title character but direct off a script he helped write. If the film fails to perform, a lot of the finger pointing will certainly go to him. And, though Zack Snyder seems to polarize comicbook fans, he did at least seem to get Batman right in BvS. The film's most defining moment, at least for the caped crusader, was the Warehouse sequence.

If you are scratching your head in an attempt to remember, this was the moment Batman comes to save Martha, Superman's mother. Showcasing Zack Snyder's brutal side, a side most evident in Watchmen, the actual sequence is insane. Still can't remember? Check out the refresher course below. If The Batman can be a bunch of that, I'll be content. But will Affleck use Snyder's directing style as inspiration? Or can we expect a cinematographic styling similar to The Town? At this point I'm okay with either.