The Batman Scraps Initial Plans To Earn A Completely New Script

If Warner Brothers and DC had the capacity to travel back in time, they would love to plan out a scenario whereby their key franchise stalwarts weren't in genuine crisis. The studios are scrapping around for writers and directors, as The Batman undergoes serious redevelopments. Starting with a screenplay that needs a complete overhaul.

Ben Affleck's departure as director came as no surprise, despite his assurances in the weeks prior that he would double his duties in front and behind the camera respectively. With 50-year old filmmaker Matt Reeves favored to transition from War for the Planet of the Apes to the caped crusader installment, the director would likely be holding out for a script that hits the right mark.

DC Trying To Win Back The PR Battle

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In an industry where perception is reality, work is underway to ensure their 2019 project can deliver the goods in the aftermath of continual setbacks and disappointments. Mark Hughes from Forbes outlined that his inside information is not a reassuring one for fans, with the story requiring a complete makeover as they earmark Reeves for the head position.

"How extensive the process will be," starts Hughes, "I’m hearing anything from 'major rewrites' to 'a completely new script,' including starting from scratch on the story if that’s what it takes — is unclear, not just to us but probably to those involved as well, since the new filmmaker might look at the story and script and decide there’s plenty to salvage that appeals to them. Once the director is in place, more will become clear, but for now Warner Brothers is suffering far more negative perceptions than they need to, simply because of the attempt to slow and control the spread of information."

Starting New An Uphill Battle For Writers

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Attracting the best talent possible on the script front and for a quality director might prove problematic in the current framework. Not least of which the bad publicity these issues are causing. Wanting to create a crime drama for The Batman, it will be near impossible to surpass what Christopher Nolan managed for The Dark Knight. Especially since the new team will have to continue the lineage of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League.

Whoever does sign on for this rescue mission will likely be scouring the comic book series to find a narrative that fits in nicely to the other pictures while offering something unique. That is an unenviable task for the writers as they rush to get words on the page in time for production.

Source: Forbes