A Bad Moms Christmas Sequel Starts Production With Added Grandma Cast

Last year, a quirky new comedy came along and took many moviegoers by surprise. The STX Entertainment title Bad Moms cast Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn as a trio of mothers who are sick and tired of living up to society's perfect expectations and decide to cut loose.

The movie did not convince all critics, but was warmly received by many who usually see the rude and crude humor reserved for the men. From The Hangover franchise, to American Pie and every Seth Rogen, Adam Sandler and Jonah Hill film ever created, this has been a domain dominated by the other sex.

Now a sequel is in the works. And, with the big three all reprising their roles as Amy, Kiki and Carla respectively, their own Bad Moms will be joining them.

From Bad Moms to Bad Grandmoms For The Holidays

Susan Sarandon, Chrsitine Baranski and Cheryl Hines

Curb Your Enthusiasm regular Cheryl Hines (Kiki's mom), Bulworth and Bowfinger star Christine Baranski (Amy's mom) and the one and only Susan Sarandon (Carla's mom) will beef up the supporting cast. All in hopes to turn up the troublemakers and partygoers from three to six. Given the title of A Bad Moms Christmas, the comedy will transition from a generic feature to one that fits one particular season.

Chairman of STXfilms Adam Fogelso also explained that the writing-directing pair of Jon Lucas and Scott Moore will oversee the flick that is already in production mode.

"Jon and Scott's hilarious premise for A Bad Moms Christmas will not only let fans continue their laugh out loud love affair with Mila, Kristen, and Kathryn's relatable antics, but adding Peter, Justin, Cheryl, Christine and Susan, and the holidays to the equation is more than we could have hoped for as we continue this important franchise for STX Entertainment."

A Bad Moms Christmas will be released on November 3, 2017.

Kunis Brings Attitude Off Screen As Her Baby's Name Takes Trump Inspiration

Bad Moms

With her partner Ashton Kutcher appearing on Ellen this week, he explained that Kunis decided upon their child's name as a big middle finger to the Trump administration.

"We're on our way to date night, and Mila turns to me and she goes, 'So, I think Donald Trump is going to become the President, and I think our baby's name is Dimitri,'" Kutcher said. "I was like, 'Donald Trump's not going to win the...' And then I forgot about the name thing because I was like, 'Why do you think Donald Trump is going to win?' I'm telling you, she called it! It's not even a joke... She's my wife, so that's just what it is. Everything she says is right."

Such a Bad Mom play right there.

Source: MovieWeb, MarieClaire