Back to the Future Reboot? Producer Has An Opinion

Reboots come a dime a dozen these days. More often than not without any public demand for them as they fizzle out into the abyss. Back to the Future on the other hand - now that is a different story altogether. The iconic series that started in 1985 and finished in 1990 has been inundated with requests, leaving producer Frank Marshall to answer the question many are waiting for.

Back to the Future

With the 70-year old keeping busy as an executive producer via Assassin's Creed, The BFG, Jason Bourne and Sully in 2016 alone, Marshall offered a frank response to those that would demand a new instalment. If you happen to fall into that camp, look away now!

Marshall: Over My Dead Body

Back to the Future

Drawing a parallel to another flick that has developed a cult-like status down the years, Marshall argued that no such reboot will ever take place.

"Yeah (we won't reboot Back To The Future), as long as I have my say," said the producer. "No, that one exists just like E.T. -- we're never touching those. I love watching it. But how about we almost got the Chicago Cubs victory right?!"

Last year he went a step further, saying that he would have to be 6-feet underground before anything happens to the project.

"That can't happen until both Bob (Gale) and I are dead," remarked Marshall. "And then I'm sure they'll do it, unless there's a way our estates can stop it."

So you're saying there's a chance?

The Very Concept Offends Producer

Even putting Back to the Future to one side, the notion of rebooting a classic for the sake of doing so irks Marshall. Two years prior, he took part in an interview to offer his thought on the phenomenon sweeping Hollywood, arguing that it is an easy out for production companies to refer to old material rather than create something unique and fresh.

Rambo Reboot

"Let's face it, we've seen a lot of sequels that are made years and years later and I don't think I can name one that's any good that lives up to the originals," said Marshall. "I don't think you can recapture it."

The producer would not be wrong, giving a nod to installments like Rambo, Terminator and others that hurt their reputation. If there is even the slightest chance that the series could be tarnished in any way, then it is probably best left as it.

Source: Cinema Blend