Armie Hammer Linked To Green Lantern As Actor Trolls DC Fans

How one tweet can change everything. This week DC Comics artist Brett Booth took to his social media page to mention Armie Hammer as his pick to reprise the role vacated by Ryan Reynolds. And which role is that you ask? Green Lantern, of course, paving the way for the rumor mill to crank up to 11 in the process. While nothing official or otherwise has been mooted outside of this chatter, Hammer himself took to Twitter to tease DC fans with an "announcement."

With tongue firmly in cheek to play with this supposed news, The Social Network star had comic book and movie fans ready to see it become official.

Then the bubble burst, saying that it would be his "old guitar" getting another go around as opposed to the green suit.

Two Potential Flicks If GL Gets The Go Ahead

Armie Hammer Green Lantern

DC continues to plot the character course of their film franchise, starting with the upcoming Justice League to Ben Affleck's own The Batman. A film that gives the actor full control with directorial duties to boot. We therefore can expect new players will be put into the mix and Green Lantern is likely to be one of them. Reynolds' 2011 pairing acted more of a launching pad for a much more successful stint with Deadpool over at Marvel, so producers cannot fail twice on the bounce with this casting call.

Putting two and two together and potentially coming up with five, gossip grew louder when DC’s Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns and Deathstroke's own Joe Manganiello. Both of which started following Hammer on Twitter. Either the pair want to track their new colleague, or they like an actor who teases a guitar rendition.

Is Hammer The Nearly Man of Hollywood?

Armie Hammer The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger star is accustomed to being linked with these kinds of projects. Just like he was back in 2007. Almost a decade previous, Mad Max director George Miller had earmarked Hammer for Batman in a Justice League adaptation. Hammer would later explain in 2013 how that fell through.

“Australia, where the film was going to shoot, had an election and changed (its) Prime Minister who changed the tax rebate incentive program," started Hammer. "Then we had a writer’s strike in the US so we couldn’t change anything in the script and everybody wanted to change things. So it was a perfect storm. It would have been the perfect combination, of the realistic grittiness of the Dark Knight series mixed with the amazing detail and sort of tactile nature of the Star Trek series.”

Sounds pretty sweet, actually.

Source: NME, Screen Rant