Ant-Man Was Conceptualized to be Team Iron Man in Civil War

While I was a big fan of Captain America: Civil War, I still think Captain America: Winter Soldier is the best of the Marvel film franchise so far. But I'm splitting hairs. Considering the ensemble of characters, Civil War was an achievement. One new addition to the ensemble was Ant-Man, who fought for Team Cap. He was not only a fantastic addition, but it turns out that he was first considered for Team Iron Man.

Ant-Man First Sided with Tony Stark

Ant-Man in Conceptual Art for Captain America: Civil War

We are taking the word of artist Andy Park, but he claims that his early conceptual artwork for Captain America: Civil War had Ant-Man fighting Captain America. Whaaa? That is such an insane change of story that we had to take a second look. Besides, Giant-Man would have been a major issue for Captain Rogers when it came to getting to that plane.

An early keyframe painting I did for #CaptainAmericaCivilWar #Antman #Giantman vs. #CaptainAmerica Whaa??

The Ant-Man fighting sequence at the airport is one of the most memorable in the film. It would be interesting to consider the consequences if Ant-Man had been recruited for the other side. Another memorable scene is Tony Stark's visit to Peter Parker to recruit Spider-Man for Team Iron Man. What if Stark instead decided to pay a visit to Ant-Man? In regards to character, Spider-Man and Ant-Man were similar new additions. Besides just the dash in their name, the pair provide the most colorful of personalities. The idea of the two subbing teams is an interesting one, but would have been an even trade as far as I can tell.

Obviously the production team behind Captain America: Civil War took serious consideration when putting together the teams. Now we can only wonder what other characters might have been considered to be on opposing sides. Or were team captains left with a single choice: Ant-Man or Spider-Man for Team Cap.

What do you think? Would swapping Ant-Man and Spider-Man have tipped the scales at the airport?