Alien: Covenant Pushed Forward To May 2017 As New Poster Is Released

Rarely is a movie the size and scope of Alien: Covenant running ahead of schedule. But such has been the success of production, 20th Century Fox has decided to scrap the initial August 4, 2017 debut date and pushed it forward to May 19, 2017. The Ridley Scott follow up to the 2012 installment Prometheus is the sixth overall in the Alien franchise. It is also said to play a part of the prequel to the original 1979 flick.

No formal reason has been provided for the decision to go forward by 3 months. Although this call does coincide with their picture competing against Warner Brothers' own horror sequel Annabelle 2, as well as the Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron reboot of Baywatch from Paramount Pictures. With Fantastic Beasts opening this week proving how much a well-marketed movie can blow the competition out of the water, Fox understands that timing is everything in this business.

Fresh Faces Joining Some Regulars For Covenant

Michael Fassbender Prometheus

While Promethus made an impressive $403.4m at the box office from a budget estimated between $120-130m, it returned something more of a mixed bag with critics. Yet the cast delivered with edgy performances that had the audience on the edge of their seats. And this sequel will see Noomi Rapace returning as Dr. Elizabeth Shaw alongside Michael Fassbender. Who you might remember as the devious android David.

Then there will be some new players thrown into the mix. Most notabely Danny McBride of This Is The End and Vice Principals fame. He will be joined by Billy Crudup, Katherine Waterston, Demián Bichir and Australian Guy Pearce.

Story: We're Not In Kansas Anymore

2017 Alien Covenant

Adjoining a new poster that has a tagline reading "Run," no one should be left in any doubt how dark and frightening the Alien world really is. Especially with the Covenant ship heading to a voyage on uncharted galactic waters. But rather than come across a paradise, they discover that the robotic David is the only inhabitant on a lonely and dangerous planet.

Prometheus gave fans of the prequel a glimpse and tease of the Alien world, yet this production is expected to join the dots closer to the original as we see the birth of the flesh-eating monsters come to fruition. Happy days!

Source: THR