Adam West Wants In On Ben Affleck’s Batman As Actor Updates Fans On Script

Well, well, well. Just when you think Adam West was too cool for school the former Batman star of the 60s television show has gone from fierce critic to DC admirer in the space of a few weeks. The 88-year old saw little value in the modern installments of the franchise, arguing that they took themselves too seriously. But if MovieWeb is to be believed, then it appears he wants a piece of the action again.

Perhaps his passions have been reinvigorated having voiced the character during the animated feature Batman: Return of the Caped Crusader. Allowing him to pinpoint one role that could be fit for purpose should Ben Affleck agree.

Thomas Wayne For Mr. West?


Played by The Walking Dead villain Jeffrey Dean Morgan in Batman v Superman, the ageing performer thinks a fatherly role could be in order. Speaking to he saw value in being Affleck's dad to complete the circle.

"You know what I'd love to do?" asked Adam West rhetorically. "Those guys are all wonderful talents in their own ways, and they approach the role differently, but if I could approach it in a darker way, of course, in a more serious way, however, it would be wonderful to play Bruce Wayne's father coming back. You know he was murdered, but coming back one dark and stormy lightning-driven night through a library window. Bruce Wayne is there thinking, 'I'll never solve this. This is the most difficult thing in my life.' In comes old dad, like a bat, almost."

"Right Mode" The Key As Ben Affleck Updates Fans On The Batman


CinemaBlend reports that Affleck has his head down to make sure his stand alone DC film The Batman recovers the character from the first flop and helps preserve Bruce Wayne's legacy on the big screen. Speaking with IGN he gave the fans an insight into where he is at creatively.

"Last night I spent (time) working on the script," explained Affleck. "I'm in full-on 'trying to get it right mode'. It's not the kind of movie that you can fail quietly at. You have to really be sure that I have something that I feel really confident about before we go forward."

And we're sure all of those Adam West phone calls are using up a lot of hours to boot!