The Accountant Cleans Up Weekend Box Office Takings

He might be in the middle of portraying the caped crusader, but Ben Affleck's side project The Accountant is enjoying the limelight thanks to a stellar opening weekend. THR explains that initial expectations have been smashed with the film topping the North American box office at $24.7 million from 3,332 theaters. A figure that is leaving competitors in their wake and looking over their shoulders.

The action/thriller is directed by Gavin O'Connor and the first results from the weekend will be welcoming news for production company Warner Brothers. The studio's outlay of $40m for the budget has already been repaid plus change. The overseas push for The Accountant is less aggressive than the domestic market, focusing on Asia where a grossing figure of $2.8 million from in its first 10 markets was recorded over the weekend.

First Figures Better Than Comparable Flicks

The Accountant

Warners' domestic distribution president Jeff Goldstein wasn't afraid to toot the horn of Affleck and the creators for the movie, outlining how the weekend stats compare to similar films of its type.

"This is a tremendous result," stated Goldstein. "Look, I was hoping we'd be opening up between $15 million and $20 million, but I thought it would be more like $16 million or $17 million."

While it is not exactly an apples-for-apples scenario, the crime drama has managed to overcome a less-than-appealing title to bring the crowds flocking. The Accountant beat two of Affleck's movies in The Town ($23.8m) and Argo ($19.5m). While also edging out Johnny Depp's Black Mass ($22.6m). The thriller was even able to almost match The Girl on the Train's opening $24.7m.

Ron Howard's Inferno Sweeps Up Overseas Audiences

Inferno (2016)

If Americans are loving what Ben Affleck has to offer, then away from home it is Ron Howard and Tom Hanks who are getting their business done. Inferno is the latest sequel to The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons

Though critics have been less than flattering about the new addition to the franchise, it debuted to a strong $50 million from its first 53 markets in just a matter of two weeks. A figure that dwarfs The Accountant quite significantly.

While that stat is impressive, Sony domestic chief Rory Bruer knows there is more to come with one key market yet to come into play. "This franchise has always been an big international play," says Bruer. "So to have this kind of success with some very big markets yet to come, including China, portends great things."