Future Folk is an acoustic music duo from outer space whose adventures are chronicled in this delightful, sci-fi musical comedy. The planet Hondo is doomed. The highly evolved and human-like Hondonians know that they have just a few years before their planet will be destroyed by a fiery comet headed their way. Even worse? There's no music on Hondo. Years ago, Hondonian hero General Trius was sent to Earth to deploy a flesh-eating virus that will destroy the human race, clearing the way for a Hondonian colony. But hearing music for the first time made him reconsider his mission. Years later, General Trius, now known as Bill, lives in Brooklyn with a family he loves and a day job for cover as he tries to find an alternative to eliminating the race that brought the banjo, the theme from Mario Bros, and the 50s pop song Lollipop into existence. When Hondonian Kevin is sent to execute General Trius and complete the original mission, Bill must win him over with music and convince him to help him save both Hondo and humanity. A perfect fit for The Lounge, but with such broad appeal that we couldn't keep it contained in Napa, The History of Future Folk is one of the few films to break out of The Lounge in 2012, bringing the gospel of Hondo to the upper valley.

3 min 12 sec


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November 11, 2012
J. Anderson Mitchell

J. Anderson Mitchell

Variance Films

November 9, 2012
Jay Klaitz
Nils D'Aulaire
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