App Support for iOS

TrailerAddict is available for your iPhone 3/4/5, iPod and iPad! Download Now

Known Bugs

No Sound coming from application
Fix - Check your mute switch! If your mute switch is in the proper place -- not muted -- shut down the application entirely, flip the mute switch back and forth, leaving the switch in the sound position, and then reboot the application. .


No Sound coming from application
Fix - Like the iPhone, but a bit more complicated. If you are not receiving any sound in the TrailerAddict App, go to the iPad Settings > General. You will find a section labeled "Use Side Switch to:," which allows you to choose between Mute and Lock Rotation. Moving the checkmark back and forth a couple times fixes the issue. Might take a couple tries to get working, however, depending on which option you choose. For more info on iPad mute settings, go here.

App Support for Android

TrailerAddict is available for all Android devices. Download Now

Known Bugs

Crashing on startup. Also known as the "White Screen of Death."
Update the app. Trying to open search results causes app to crash.
We know of this bug and are working on a new build to address it.