Feature trailer for Hellacious Acres: The Case of John Glass.

John is going through one hell of a hangover, although not exactly in the way one might expect. Rather than waking up next to a beautiful woman in a strange apartment, he instead regains consciousness within the confines of cryogenic freezer located inside a shabby warehouse. A robotic voice bombards him with random and confusing information. The voice tells of the rampages of World War III, of damages caused by an alien invasion and of the atmosphere having become toxic and unbreathable. John Glass is completely oblivious to this madness. Suffering from amnesia, he remembers nothing of all this. In fact, in remembers absolutely nothing at all. A complete stranger to himself, he has no choice but to rely on this mysterious voice that is quickly becoming his guide. He learns that he is a warrior sent on a solo mission of the highest importance. The Earth’s future is in his hands… whether he likes it or not. His responsibility lies in decontaminating the Earth’s ozone, a task he has no idea how to achieve seeing as the directives provided are completely absurd. Equipped with intermittently functional military armour, which he must not take off under any circumstance, John Glass begins the exploration of a strange universe filled with hostile creatures.

2 min 17 sec


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July 07, 2011
Pat Tremblay

Pat Tremblay


September 6, 2011
Jamie Abrams
Navin Pratap
Paula Davis
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