Trailer for Eagles in the Chicken Coop.

A team of investigative documentarians set out to follow the making of a late night, made-for-television Mature Movie, to capture an inside look at mainstream American movie practices and sensibilities at their lowest. Along the way they unexpectedly meet Armondo Jones, Bill Williams, and their 'crew of friends;' all first time Mature Movie makers who find themselves in a desperate struggle against their employers to bring social value to The Lone Rancher, a soft-core epic period piece they've been hired to write, direct and co-produce. As the production spins out of control, the team of friends sidesteps the studios contractual demands of sex and nuance, risking their jobs, in a game of cat-and-mouse, scraping to protect the 'important' love story they believe The Lone Rancher can provide. On this most unlikely of battlefields: a Mature Movie set in Northern California, the documentarians capture firsthand footage of what happens when opposing groups with fundamental differences try to work together. It's art versus commerce, skin versus love, hope versus cynicism, Armondo and Bill versus Nameless Studios; in a struggle Armondo, Bill, and their 'crew of friends' see as vital no matter what the cost. All good things are at stake not only for themselves as creators and artists, but for any person throughout the world... including you... who may someday see The Lone Rancher.

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December 06, 2011
Brent Florence

Brent Florence


October 10, 2010
Bruce Abbott
Cameron Bender
Megan Bergkvist
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